Fish Tales Review

Now, I don’t know about you, but before last week, I have never set a foot into Scape, the youth hangout mall located at the fringe of Orchard Road… Surprising as that might be, it is just not my “scene”. So, if you told me that there is a cheap and good Fish and Chips place there, a look of amazement would befall upon me. A trip down there was in order, there might be a Fish and Chips joint in Orchard to give the one in the basement of Ngee Ann City, Fisherios a run for their money!


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Ippudo Ramen Review

With so many Ramen places popping up all around Singapore, things can get very confusing… I have reviewed so many Ramen Joints that if you mentioned a Ramen Restaurant that I have been to, I might just give you a “really, I did?” Embarrassing and funny that might be, there will be one Ramen joint I will never forget, Ippudo at Shaw Centre. Not because of the taste, but because my parents went back there over 2 consecutive weekends, I went with them on the second visit.


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The Sushi Bar Review

Ngee Ann City has always been the most Japanese-centric mall in Orchard, and with that comes the usual perks, a big department store and plenty of eats. I am willing to bet most Japanese restaurants would like to open a branch there and compete for the never-ending crowd of Japanese food lovers. Well, The Sushi Bar, which has a branch at the Far East Plaza (which isn’t that far away from Ngee Ann City), opened a branch on the rather confusing fifth floor.

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