Thecrazydonny’s Guide to Melbourne!

Australia is a country (and continent) popular with Singaporeans and Malaysians, be it to go on holiday, study or live in. A prime example would be the city, Melbourne. Melbourne has been voted by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the most livable city for the 7th year in a row, and it houses prestigious Universities like the University of Melbourne and RMIT. It’s no surprise that Melbourne is a popular destination. Me, I was drawn by the allure of cafes, and the sheer desire for a holiday! After my first hellish semester in my second year of Polytechnic wrapped up, I hopped on a Singapore Airlines flight to the land down under for my first ever trip to Melbourne!


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TCD Travels! Elinor’s Trip to Cambodia 2015!

(Written By Elinor)

There are 3 places I’d like to highlight from my trip. First is a place called More than Burgers. It is a cafe run by an Australian group called Restore One whom help the less fortunate in Cambodia.Moving on to the second highlight. This one you have to and I mean MUST go to if you are in Phnom Penh.

The BROOKLYN Pizza + Bistro serves super fresh pizza from the oven and world class New York Cheesecake.


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