Thecrazydonny’s Guide to Melbourne!

Australia is a country (and continent) popular with Singaporeans and Malaysians, be it to go on holiday, study or live in. A prime example would be the city, Melbourne. Melbourne has been voted by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the most livable city for the 7th year in a row, and it houses prestigious Universities like the University of Melbourne and RMIT. It’s no surprise that Melbourne is a popular destination. Me, I was drawn by the allure of cafes, and the sheer desire for a holiday! After my first hellish semester in my second year of Polytechnic wrapped up, I hopped on a Singapore Airlines flight to the land down under for my first ever trip to Melbourne!


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The 9 Best Places in Singapore for a Great Burger

I believe the title says it all… Also, by saying burgers, I don’t mean the cheap, ‘questionable’ burgers at Macdonalds and Burger King. The burgers here are made from quality ground beef cooked to order…

One more thing, I shall organise the Burger Restaurants by their pricings for you guys to make a informed choice on what is your kind of ‘greasy, meaty poison’!

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7 Irresistible Lunch Deals for Students in the East

It is quite difficult to balance my Hobby-Study Life as a ‘O’ Level student this year… Plenty of Homework and Revision to do, but I still try to always satisfy my stomach with good food despite of my long School hours! Many students share the same plight as me, all looking for good, cheap lunches between extra classes nearby.

But, it is very difficult to find a good deal that balances between quality, quantity and value. So, look no further my fellow students in the East, here is my (Highly Subjective) list of Student Lunch Deals in the east of Singapore! Oh, by the way, all the restaurants in this List are sit down restaurants, no ‘Fast Food’… If you are wondering why, it is very simple, Fast Food is unhealthy and you shouldn’t eat it so often!

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