Sandbank Restaurant Review

East Coast Park, a place that you can do plenty of things, for example, you can run, cycle, fish, waterski, take a dip in the sea and have a Barbecue to say the least. But, in terms of dining options, most people would only think of the East Coast Lagoon Food Village and the Chinese Seafood restaurants like Jumbo and Long House. Well, a relatively new group of western Bars and Restaurants located mostly around the Parkland Green area are here to give the area a bit of a freshen up. The one I visited, is called Sandbank, whose motto is Eat, Drink, Plunge!


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The Library Speakeasy Bar Review

(Written by Esh)

So one of my closest friend just gave me a brilliant idea for a review. To try a speakeasy bar he had just found. It was something I had never heard of until this point. Basically a Speakeasy bar is a bar that is not meant to be found or hidden from plain sight. These bars were set up in 1920s due to the prohibition of alcohol in the United States.


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