The Big Cheese Review

Mac & Cheese, something I considered an important comfort food since young. It’s no surprise that it is a staple on children menus all across the world. When I was a child, Macaroni with Cheese was just Macaroni with Cheese, the question of whether it was good was irrelevant, they all tasted the same to me. Now, a tiny little restaurant opened in Sunshine Plaza, looking to serve that childhood favourite to the masses in a ‘fancy’ way.



The Big Cheese is a Halal-certified cramped eatery serving Mac & Cheese in different sizes and variations. You can craft your own Mac & Cheese with the ingredients on display, or order something pre-crafted.


On the board, there are 6 choices on offer if you are not feeling adventurous, with prices ranging from $5.50 to $10. The choices are split equally between Mac & Cheese with or without meat, with the former the pricier of the two.


A word of warning though, I visited The Big Cheese on a weekday afternoon at lunchtime, and it was extremely crowded, packed with office workers and students from the nearby Art Schools. Getting a seat is extremely difficult, thus the majority of patrons opting to have their Mac & Cheeses to go. The wait for my Mac & Cheese was about 20-25 minutes, with as I see it, only 2 people working.


I had the regular-sized Big Cheese ($10), served in what I can only describe as, an American-style Chinese takeaway food box. The Big Cheese comes with pulled beef, Gruyere Cheese blowtorched on top, finished with a little Truffle oil.

Now, first things first, it doesn’t matter how creative you are with your ingredients and combinations, you have to perfect the art of cooking pasta properly, namely, not overcook it. Unfortunately, the pasta was away overcooked, thus turning the box into a mushy, sticky mess. The cheese bonded the mushy pasta together in such a way that you couldn’t separate it on your fork or in your mouth.

Due to the Gruyere cheese on top being blowtorched, there was a concentrated burnt smell coming from the pasta. It overpowered the scent from the truffle oil, if there was any at all, to begin with. I couldn’t taste or smell any truffle oil from the dish, and the pulled beef was relatively tender, but I wished it came in bigger chunks.


In conclusion, I am far from impressed by The Big Cheese. To me, it just seems like another overhyped hipster joint, which is why I am not surprised by the crowd of people getting a box of Mac & Cheese for their lunch. I guess, you could try it once if you like Mac & Cheese and work/study in the area. But, this Mac & Cheese isn’t exactly craveable, or cheap.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Restaurant Info:
The Big Cheese
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza #01-59


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