Catch Beer & Batter Review

The area around Clarke Quay is full of nice places to eat and drink, with bars and restaurants lining the entire area. This area has a constant stream of human traffic coming in, but there are mostly tourists and Pokemon Go Trainers (myself included). On that very night, my family wanted to eat Burgers at the Butcher’s Club, but near the famous fountain (which is a Pokestop by the way), there is a little corner Restaurant that caught our attention called Catch.


Catch is a Restaurant I haven’t received word about, but on first glance, they seemed to be very proud of their Fish and Chips. At the entrance, there is a sign claiming their Fish and Chips are the “Best in Town”. That is a bold statement, and who else would be better to verify that than me?


Their Menu is definitely small, with their focus on the Fish and Chips and their selection of Alcohol, mostly Beers and Cocktails. For Fish and Chips, they offer 4 kinds of Fish, Cod, Halibut, Salmon and Dory. But, what’s interesting, is that they offer different kinds of special batters, such as Salted Egg Yolk for an additional price for about $1.50. But, you are not that big on Fish and Chips, they are other dishes like Seafood and Pasta.

Service was good, the servers were friendly and they offered to boil water if you request for warm water. But, the food took a long time to come out. That was rather surprising, as the Restaurant was quite empty, apart from a couple and another family of tourists.


Now, on to the food! To start off, some Onion Rings ($12.50). Firstly, the portion was extremely small for that price, I counted about 8 Onion Rings. Nevertheless, there were reasonably sized and breaded very lightly. I would have preferred a thicker coat for a bigger crisp in each bite. Also, it was very flimsy and hard to hold.


This is the Chicken Breast Salad ($18.50). A good portion of chicken, but it was a bit tough and dry, and I would have preferred smaller, cubed pieces tossed into the Salad. The Salad itself was a little limp and lifeless with just plain, old greens. Some colour would have added with a bit of carrots or tomatoes. The Garlic Bread was lacking flavour, and superficial to the dish itself.


For my main, I chose to have the Cod Fish and Chips ($24.50), expecting something really good. It honestly, didn’t blow me away. The fish was fresh and flaky, but the batter tasted very bready and slightly soggy. Also, the portion control on the Cod could have been better, it was quite underwhelming at that price. The French Fries were way too small, a bigger cut would have been better, as such small French Fries are mostly crust and very little centre. The Salad was slightly wet, which caused the little pieces of cheese on top to clump. Not drying the Salad properly is a mistake that the kitchen could have avoided with better quality-control.


Finally, this is the Mussels in White Wine ($24.50). Now, this is a dish that the Garlic Bread would seem appropriate in. But unfortunately, the Mussels were slightly overcooked and it didn’t really absorb the White Wine flavour. In fact, it had a fishy taste and a little bit of grit inside the meat. This would mean the Mussels hasn’t been cleared properly.

In conclusion, no, I don’t think they serve they serve the best Fish and Chips in Town. Their food was passable, but at the prices they are charging, I would definitely expect more. Also, I am pretty sure the other Restaurants and Bars around them serve Fish and Chips, and who knows? Maybe there is a hidden gem somewhere else. But Catch, to survive in an area like Clarke Quay, you guys need to up your game!

Overall Rating:6.5/10

Restaurant Info:

Catch Beer & Batter

#01-01 Block A Clarke Quay



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