Fish Tales Review

Now, I don’t know about you, but before last week, I have never set a foot into Scape, the youth hangout mall located at the fringe of Orchard Road… Surprising as that might be, it is just not my “scene”. So, if you told me that there is a cheap and good Fish and Chips place there, a look of amazement would befall upon me. A trip down there was in order, there might be a Fish and Chips joint in Orchard to give the one in the basement of Ngee Ann City, Fisherios a run for their money!


Fish tales is located in the heart of Scape, next to other food joints like the Korean noodle place and there was a long wait to just get a table! That wasn’t much of a surprise, since Scape is never short of youths, no matter what day of the week it is! Also, the servers clear the tables and oversee the seatings, but it is not so organised, with customers all over the place with no specific waiting area.


The Menu is small and simple, Fish and Chips, Grilled Fish, Chicken and Pasta. The prices are also very reasonable, majority of the items are priced under $10. They offer upgrades from fries to Aglio Olio Pasta and combos of soups and drinks. Honestly, the pastas I saw at the other tables looked really good, but the Fish and Chips was the thing that seemed too irresistible not to try!


I ordered the Hungry Combo, which came with a Canned Soft Drink and the Chowder of the day. On my visit, the Chowder was Clams and Mushrooms. That definitely sounds like two heavy ingredients in the soup, but the clam and mushroom flavours are quite light and the soup had a nice, not too thin consistency. However, there were only some croutons, potatoes and one lonely piece of clam in there…


Now, the fish and chips! Now, to make it absolutely clear, this is Beaurre Au Citron Fish Chips ($8.90), which has a Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce. This was the recommended one to try, so why not? Well, the Fish itself was well-cooked and flaky, the batter was thin and light and the sauce did lift the fish up, very buttery and tangy. But unfortunately, the sauce did quicken the batter turning soggy, it was far from crispy after a few minutes. I had no high expectations for the fries at this prices, but it was served warm and had a slight stale oil taste. I suspect the fries were refried to order, the tartar sauce did mast that stale oil taste though…

In conclusion, yes, Fish Tales did produce in terms of rather good Fish and Chips, I feel like they draw with Fisherios, but definitely surpass Fish and Co in terms of taste and price. Hopefully, they would open more branches, specifically in the heartlands, they are likely to do well there, especially with the student crowd. I look forward to returning one day to try their good-looking Pastas!

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Fish Tales
2 Orchard Link
#02-27/18B Scape


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