The Coffee Academics Review

TCD is BACK!!!!!

Crazy as this might sound, when I went for my holiday last year to Japan and Hong Kong, I didn’t get to accomplish quite a few things I had planned… Didn’t get to meet a friend in Japan, didn’t get a custom-made suit done in Hong Kong, and finally, didn’t go to a very famous cafe in Hong Kong called The Coffee Academics.


But, when I got back, I heard that The Coffee Academics opened a branch in Singapore, at Scotts Square in Orchard Road. Now, I don’t go to Orchard Road often, much less have time to travel there just to have a cup of coffee… But, a day out with my sister is a great excuse to go there to sit and chill!


One of the things that really caught my attention was the open coffee bar, manned by a Barista. This is where the Barista make the Speciality Coffee, and there is even a little Bar counter where people can seat. From what I understand, you can sit there if you want to do a coffee tasting, where you can sample the different beans, prepared with different methods.


This is the Pepper Agave Latte ($6.50). Now, this is very interesting, it is essentially a Latte with Peppercorns sprinkled on top. Amazingly, this worked better than I thought, with the slight spice burn on your lip complimenting the smoothness and slight sweetness of the Coffee. But, one criticism I have is that, with the slight burn on your lip and tongue, the background flavour and profile of the Coffee was, almost shrouded in mystery. Good Idea, but average execution in terms of balance.


Ok I know, this looks like wine, but this is just coffee in a wine glass haha… As seen by the card, this is the JWF Blend ($14.00), served Ice-Driped and in a Wine glass. Yeah, I knowm, $14 is a high price for a cup of “special” coffee, I also thought that too… But, since The Coffee Academics are known for their Speciality Coffee, I guess giving it a try was a good idea, rather than regretting it later. This Coffee was prepared using the Ice-Drip method, which is basically very cold Ice water being dripped very slowly into ground coffee. This process takes a few hours, so savour it slowly…


Well, the other side of the card, tells you everything you need to know about the glass of coffee you need to know. One thing worth noting, is that the Ice-Drip method, is that apparently, the coffee would be less than tannic, compared to other methods. Indeed, at the start, it wasn’t very tannic, but like dessert wine, the hotter it gots, the more tannic. Anyway, it was indeed medium-bodied, but I didn’t get a round acidity of plum, banana or crisp citrus. However, a underlying flavour of grape and earthiness did come through, and overall… It was a nice drink!

In conclusion, I am definitely glad that The Coffee Academics opened a branch in Singapore, but just one in Orchard leaves it rather inaccessible for me. Also, the prices of their regular food and coffee was reasonable, but the prices of the Speciality coffee, like the one I had, is slightly unjustifiable. If I ever return, a cup of Flat White and maybe a pastry or cake should suffice.

Overall Rating:8/10

Cafe Info:
The Coffee Academics
6 Scotts Road
Level 2, Scotts Square



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