Bachmann Japanese Restaurant (Tokyo Walker) review

(Written by Esh)

So I have been having a ramen craving phase as of late, I have been wanting to eat ramen every time I went out. This time, I remembered that the mall, Plaza Singapura had a Tokyo street, which are small walkways with nothing but Japanese food and desserts. In there I decided to give Bachmann Tokyo a shot.


At the restaurant, I looked through the menu and noticed a version of Ramen I have never tried before, which is called Tontoro Ramen. Now it is just essentially fatty pork slices, compared to the original pork belly. It was thinly sliced and grilled, almost similar to our favourite, fatty and crispy bacon!

Now enough on the descriptions, let’s get to the food.


First off the Tontoro ramen. Now remember I mentioned that it was similar to bacon? Yeah, but the Tontoro was much more soft and tender. It was still as greasy as bacon, but you don’t get the same crispy crunch that bacon gives. Also, it added a bit saltiness to the dish as a whole, also allowing for a change in texture. From the smooth, soft ramen noodles to the savoury, rich broth, you are suddenly hit by the saltiness and tenderness of the Tontoro. It really compliments the ramen very well and if I had to change just one thing, I would make the Pork spicy. I like my dishes to have a little bit of a spicy kick.

Next the ramen noodles, they were perfectly cooked, soft yet still firm and stayed as individual pieces. They were easily picked up by the chopsticks and were pretty much a joy to eat. The broth was my usual favourite, tonkotsu (pork bone broth), which was really rich and smooth. Oddly though, they added in chunks of cabbages that helped add a crunch to the otherwise smooth and soft dish. That to me was rather interesting…

Overall the dish was good but I would recommend removing the top layer of oil, the Tontoro was very fatty already and they added a lot of oil into the dish. There were times where it felt like I was having a spoon full of oil with a side of ramen soup and noodles. It was overpowering at times, but I guess it’s part of eating Tontoro. No one ever complains their bacon is too oily right?


This place claims to be serve one of the best Gyozas you can find. And I have to admit it was pretty good. It was piping hot and crispy on the outside but warm and juicy on the inside. Its flavours were balanced, whereby none of the ingredients overpower one another. Unlike the ones I previously had at CoCo Curry, where you could taste that they were more generous with the spring onions. Now these Gyozas were easy to eat, whereby you could take a nice bite, get a good crunch and still not have your tongues burnt by the soft, juicy fillings. It wasn’t oily and it was served with a Thai sweet chilli sauce which complimented the Gyozas very well. Giving it a sweet and spicy burn, it contrasted the simple, creamy flavours of the Ramen very well!

Now this meal wouldn’t be complete without a drink. I had chosen to go for their Ice Lemon Tea. It was served in a huge jug and was made in-house. However, it was a little too sweet for my liking. However it was nothing too unbearable. Well worth the additional top up to the meal for the Gyozas and Ice Tea.

Overall, I give this meal 7/10. It wasn’t exactly mind blowing but having spend $22 on such a generous amount of good food, I would say it was well worth the cost.

Restaurant Info:
Bachmann Japanese Restaurant (Tokyo Walker)
68 Orchard Road
#02-35 Plaza Singapura


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