Coco Ichibanya Review

(Written by Esh)

(Picky 12 year old reviews CoCo Curry)

Well, to start off, I have been planning on trying CoCo curry for a long time and one day while searching for food at Plaza Singapura one fine day. As you can tell, this was in no way a planned review. In the outlet, as me and my little bro were eating our meal, I noticed we were actually discussing what was good or bad about the individual dishes and it occurred to me, who better to do reviews than a picky, ultra selective 12 year old! So with my note application prepared on my phone, we broke down the different parts of his Gyoza Kids meal and my Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice (level 2 spicy).


Now, the Kids meal comprises of Gyoza, Sausage, Fries, Rice and their Signature Curry Sauce, very simple and basic. The quantity seemed just right for a Kids meal and the staff were nice enough to separate the curry since my baby bro wasn’t familiar with it and was trying it for the first time. The meal also came with Pudding (out of a plastic pack so I guess it was standard, supermarket stuff) and Apple Juice. All of this was served on Disney plates, so it appeals very much to kids.

Now on to his comments!

Gyoza: 2 pieces of Deep fried Fish gyozas with Spring Onions.

Little Bro: They were very fishy. The outside was really tough and not tender enough.

Mine: They were fishy indeed, very obvious that they were prepacked, frozen gyozas. I did find the centre tender enough but a little dry.  The outer shell was a little overcooked and too ‘tough’ as my little bro puts it. Would have been more enjoyable if it was more fried better and not so dry on the inside.

Kids Curry/Signature Curry

Little bro: Sweet and delicious! Reminded me of Macdonalds Curry sauce! How come you have never told me about this!

Mine: It tasted really good and was exactly what Japanese curry should taste like. Mild, soft on the flavours and really smooth. Nothing too strong and a little sweet. It was worth the price and the level 2 Curry wasn’t too spicy at all. Might have to ask for the spiciness level to be at 4 or 5 next time. It was definitely the biggest savior of this whole meal. It was also vegetable based, so for all those who can’t eat beef or pork at all, you are free to devour this curry!

Chicken Cutlet

Little bro: Centre was a little chewy but the outside was very crispy. Better with the curry as it had not have much taste.

Mine: The chicken was indeed very chewy and it was very tough to cut into smaller pieces. The meat was moist but again, way too tough. The texture was also really bad, it just kept falling into strands and could not be cut easily. Lacking any sort of flavour, it clearly was not seasoned well, if it was seasoned at all. I didn’t even taste pepper in it. At most salt was there, but only in the batter it was fried in. The batter was so crispy and just really well cooked and was the only plus point to the Chicken Cutlet. The fact I could dip it into the curry was a huge saving point, it was just too plain.


Little bro: Skin was way too tough , can’t even bite through! But the filling was very nice.

Mine: The sausages gave me mixed feelings. The filling was really nice and tasted pretty good, just like any hotdog. But due the way they cut and prepared it, left the outside very tough and dry, making it super hard to cut or bite. A small correction and it would have been much better.



Little bro: They are nice, would have tasted better with Chilli sauce rather than the Tomato sauce they put on top. ‘Well my fries were fries, but just dry fries, not like normal fries’.

Mine: Well the fries were just fries. Tasted ok, like any ordinary fries but they were a tad bit too thick resulting in the centre being way too dry and powdery. Dipping it in the bacon curry dip did help, but I can’t deny it was way too dry.

Bacon Curry dip

Little bro: Tasted like the other curry, but with bacon

Mine: Well he is right on that one. The bacon curry dip was a thicker version of their signature curry with actual bacon pieces (not the red fake crumbs but actually slices of bacon) added in with a bit more of a pepper taste and burn. It was really good and was a good match to the fries. It provided the much needed moisture…

Little bro: Rice is like normal rice lah! How can it taste any different? Hahahahaha!

Mine: As he puts it, tastes perfectly well cooked and nothing was off. The rice wasn’t overcooked or undercooked ans wasn’t too soggy or dry. As expected from Japanese sticky rice, it stuck to each other really well without being mushy and maintaining their individual grains. So it’s just like any other well prepared Japanese rice.

After all that, clearly CoCo Curry has its ups and downs. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend bringing kids there but they do have a reasonable meal there, but well… could be much better. As for the rest of us, the curry was amazing but I would recommend avoiding the chicken cutlet, it’s just too bland considering it can cost $4 to add it to a dish. I have read that the seafood items and pork cutlet is much better. So you might wanna give those a shot. Service was also really good and accommodating and the staff took extra steps to help make it easier for my little bro to try their food. In conclusion, biggest saving grace is that awesome curry and good service.

Total Rating:6/10

P.S This might become its own series and will primarily focus on cheap, everyday food. This was all tried and tested from the perspective of a picky little kid. If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to let me know! Thanks!

(Click here to locate all their outlets across Singapore!)


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