Fresh Fruits Lab Review

(Written by Elinor)

So…. Its been a while since I last wrote a review. This time I’m going savoury with the Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL), located just a stones throw away from Kembangan MRT station. I’ve never been to this place before and have only heard good comments about their food, so my family and I decided to give it a go.



This place has nice décor which creates a nice ambience for the guests. The wooden table and chairs outside, with the toilet located nearby, and cute pillows on the sofa inside.

My family all ordered the main dishes, no pasta dish and dessert.


This is the Fish and Chips we ordered. When we saw the price of the Fish and Chips ($19.00) we were a little hesistant. But when it arrived at our table, we knew instantly that we made a good choice! The
Fish Fillet was HUGE as you can probably see. The ratio of the fish to batter coating was just right. It’s not like the fish and chips from Fish n Co where the batter just overpowers the fish. The Dory fish was still moist and the batter though abit dark was quite tasty. The fish was complemented well with the homemade tartare sauce and fruit salad which cleanses your palate.


We also ordered the Soy Salmon with Teriyaki sauce, Prawn Cheese ball, Scallop, Nai Bai and Israeli Cous Cous. (That’s a long name, I know haha) Also, forgive me for not rembering the price for everything, but I do know that we paid about $29 for this dish. I felt they could do with a bigger piece of salmon. However, doing a Diploma related to the FnB industry myself, I know that it is not easy to keep costs down. Given the fact that they serve real ingredients like the Israeli Cous Cous, Scallop and Prawn cheese ball that are made from scratch, I feel that it is quite worth it. My photo may not be the best representation of how wonderful it actually looks, but you have to trust me when I say you absolutely must go try this when you dine in there.


This is their burger. I was quite disappointed, let me tell you why. As you can see from the photo, the plate is overwhelmed with French fries. As much as I love fries, I wish they gave a more hearty burger with a meat patty that is bigger and salad with more greens.


Last but not least, we had a roast chicken breast with butternut squash puree and cranberry sauce. The chicken was cooked perfectly and super moist not dry. The butternut squash was unbelievably tasty. I can’t articulate here how it tastes like but it’s simply delish!

Apart from the food, the service was really good. The servers were very friendly, one of them even gave me their pen for FREE!! They do have service charge and GST but hey! It is for the service and free fruit concoctions they serve to you at the start. Would I go there again? Yes… after I’ve saved enough money!


Rating of Food: 8.5/10
Rating of Service: 9/10

Restaurant Info:
Fresh Fruits Lab Restaurant and Bar
351 Changi Rd

(Editor’s Note: This would be Elinor’s last article as she pursues other interests of hers, however, neither of us are discluding the possibility of her coming back to write one day!)


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