Maguro Donya Review

In case you don’t know, at the new Suntec City’s Sky Garden, there are a few rather interesting Restaurants and Bars… And even some of them, like the alfresco Bar and Bistro Arn Nan offer a great view of the Fountain of Wealth, especially at night… But, situated inside the mall, sits a group of Japanese Restaurants, which are part of a concept called Eat At Seven. Technically, there are all different Restaurants, but under a joint management of Eat At Seven. From what I understand, there are currently 6 Restaurant with another on the way… The one I dined at is right next to the entrance from the mall, called Maguro Donya, specialising in… Bluefin Tuna!!!


For those of you who think eating Bluefin Tuna is murder… Don’t, just don’t think about it, and you will be a fine, sane person. Now, onto Maguro Donya, it looks like any other Japanese Restaurant, with a open Sushi Bar and seating, and me staring at other people stuffing their face with delicious looking Fatty Tuna, is really too much for me to resist!



When I first walked past Maguro Donya, I thought it would be easy to get a table, as there were a few empty ones… But, as it turned out, they were all reserved, the Restaurant is more popular than I thought. But, the staff were nice enough to clear half a big table in the middle of the Restaurant, meant for their Menus and Magazines.


In terms of their food, Maguro Donya do mostly Sushi, Sashimi and Dons and a few cooked dishes… Mostly centred around the Bluefin Tuna. Let me just say, this place isn’t exactly very wallet-friendly, the bill, including GST and Service Charge works out to just over $50 per person!

Also, before I move on to the food, I have to say, the food took quite a while to arrive, we ordered two appetisers and asked for them to be served first, and then there was a roughly 30 minutes wait from when the appetisers were cleared to the main course arriving at our table… Nevertheless, all of the main courses came at once, and the manager and the chefs came out to apologise for the long wait!


To start, this is the Chutoro Aburi Salad ($49.00). It is served with Blowtorched, or Aburi Tuna and a Sesame-based dressing. The Tuna had a smoky taste, but slightly overdone on the blowtorching, too deep a crust. The Salad was plain and fresh, but the dressing was what brought it alive, sour and sweet to compliment the Salad and Tuna.



Now, this is the 5 Cuts of Maguro Sashimi ($49). The 5 Cuts were Cheek, Collar, Lean (Akami), Fatty (Chutoro) and Extra Fatty (Otoro). I have to say, I especially like the Cheek and Chutoro… The cheek had a slightly chewy texture and was less tender than the others, but it had a strong Tuna taste, and how often do you see Tuna Cheek being served? The Chutoro is definitely my favourite cut as it combines the melt-in-your-mouth characteristic of the Otoro, and the bite and flavour you get from the Lean meat, Akami… A great Balance!

Now, all of the Rice sets comes with a few things… a simple green salad and Fruits, both cold and fresh… As well as a Miso Soup which was a little too salty and slightly tasteless. But, the Chawanmushi was my favourite side, smooth, tasty and a texture like jelly… Definitely one of the best Chawanmushi I have had in Singapore’s Japanese Restaurants!


Now, this is the Rice Bowl I am most excited with, the Maguro Otoro Don ($39.00). Just like on the Sashimi plate, the Otoro was, plainly… melt-in-your-mouth Umami!!! It was accompanied with Ginger and Wasabi, to cleanse your palate after each bite and to spice the Otoro up a little… A must-order!!!


Another Rice Bowl worth ordering is the Chef’s Kaisen Don ($22.00) which changes daily, according to which Cuts of Seafood the Sushi Chef deems the best… Today, there was Akami, Prawn, Anago (Sea Eel), Salmon and Tobiko Roe… But, the element in that dish which I most enjoyed, is the Raw Sea Scallop… Plump, Sweet and Juicy… It is something that most people would turn their noses up against, but eating Raw Sea Scallops are both slightly adventurous, and delicious!

Another set worth mentioning is the Maguro Katsu Don ($18.80). They deep-fry the Tuna Meat, Tonkatsu-Style, and serve it with Eggs and Onions over Rice. I didn’t really enjoy it, as the flavour of the Tuna was masked by the breading, which was tasteless, dry and crusty…


Finally, there is the Maguro Kama Yaki ($39.00) which is a Seared Tuna Collar. Now, I believed I have only tried Salmon and Amberjack Collar, but I definitely prefer this variant… As it has a slightly higher amount of fat, which renders through the meat and bones, making the collar more shiny, flaky and tasty!!!

In conclusion, well… yes, I rather enjoyed my Meal at Maguro Donya, it was definitely quite a experience to dine at a specialised Bluefin Tuna Restaurant here in Singapore. But, I did have to wait quite long for my food, and as I said, it is a little pricey… I don’t know, maybe Maguro Donya is one of those restaurants that you just try once, enjoy the food, but yet never return due to other circumstances?

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Maguro Donya
Eat At Seven
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-314
Suntec City Mall


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