The Boiler Review

Come on, let’s face it… We all love Seafood, but where do we normally eat it? Of course, the obvious choice would be Zhi Char restaurants and BBQ stalls at Hawker Centres… But, do you know about these new breeds of Western Seafood Restaurants popping up at random places? The Boiler would be a great example…


Located around the Tai Seng area, The Boiler is a well-known Seafood Restaurant that has gained recognition from various food websites (But, of course… My review matters the most haha). Their speciality? Seafood in a Bag!


For a Restaurant in a quiet Office and Industrial Area, The Boiler was packed full of people on a Saturday Night… Normally places like these are packed on Weekdays, and quiet on Weekends…

Also, the tables are covered with greaseproof paper for an easy clean up afterwards. Also, you will be provided with Bips and Plastic covers for your Phone… Very thoughtful, especially since I am quite a messy eater, and I will be taking photos of the food with messy hands… Although the cover did affect the Photo quality…


Like I said, their Seafood in a Bag is the speciality, but some of their sides are not too be missed… With that being said, I did have high expectations for their Seafood… Oh yea, they do have a wide array of beers, most are hard to find in other bars…


Now, on to the food! This is the Classic Fish and Chips ($12.90)! Why classic you ask? Because this is a Seafood Restaurant, duh! Anyway, the Fish was tender and flaky, and the Batter was crispy and it didn’t turn soggy… It was served with regular Fries coated in a slightly spicy Cajun seasoning, so much better than bland salted Fries!


This is the ‘in-thing’ now, the Southern Chicks and Waffles ($9.90)! But, the one I had at The Beast was better, the Chicken was breaded and was pounded way too thinly and became dry… The Waffles were good though, Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside!


This is the Sweet Potato Fries ($6.90). Now, it was slightly soggy but nice and sweet… But sadly, I still preferred the regular Fries with the Cajun seasoning… Call me a traditionalist… And plus, it is not way healthier than regular Fries…


This is the Onion Rings ($7.90). Yea, I apologise for the smudged photo, it was because of the Plastic cover… Anyway, the Onion Rings were big and the batter stayed Crispy… But, the Onion inside was way too thinly sliced for the Size of the Onion Ring.


Now, onto the Star of the show! The Boiler Bombdiggity Bag ($145.00). This is essentially, a bag of Seafood and stuff… You can eat out of the bag, or ask the Staff to dump it on the table… It consists of Crabd, Mussels, Clams, Prawns, Corn and Sausages… Served with their Speciality, mild The Works Sauce and Buns, or Mantou… As the Chinese calls it…

Well, to put it plainly, I loved everything in that table! The crabs were from the USA, which were extremely Meaty and Sweet… The same could be said for the Prawns… Oh, how I loved sucking out their Umami ‘Brains’! The Mussels and Clams were good too, but as expected, some of the smaller ones were overcooked and chewy… The Sausages were a nice touch, slightly chewy with a slightly spicy kick! Finally, taking that Mantou and dragging it along the table to absorb all the sauce and juices from the Seafood… Crazy as that might sound, it was the perfect way to finish the meal off!

In conclusion, The Boiler may have just been one of the best Seafood Restaurants I have ever been to in Singapore… Yea, I know it is quite expensive… And it is a bit superficial for me to claim that, since I didn’t get to try their Lobsters, which looked amazing at the next table… But, I urge you to hit The Boiler if you craving for Seafood… You won’t be disappointed!!!

Overall Rating:8.5/10

Restaurant Info:
The Boiler
18 Howard Road
#01-16 Novelty Bizcenter


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