The Beast Review

If I mention the word, ‘Southern’, you would probably be thinking about the South of Singapore… Or even our Southern Islands, but this word stirs up a lot of hungry and thristy thoughts in the Mainstream American mind… Including mine!


Southern-Style or Cuisine refers to the type of food cooked by the Americans living in the Southern States, like Texas and Louisiana… But, it is not only confined to food, drinks like Bourbon (which thinking about it, is not very popular here…) and Bourbon related Cocktails come from the South…

Honestly, the majority of my knowledge about Southern Food comes from TV shows… I wasn’t exposed much to it, even in my trip to USA in 2012, but, with the vast number of cuisines available in Singapore… It would make sense for me to try out Southern Food… Where better than the famous restaurant called The Beast!


As you can see here, The Beast has a eye-catching bar filled with different kinds of drinks, thus as expected… Many Cocktails… You can definitely get your kind of poison here!

There are 3 different seating spaces, each with a different atmosphere and ambience… The outdoor seating along the street has a more romantic feel and tends to be quite breezy. The indoor first level seatings has a more chic and classy feel, especially if you are seated right next to the bar. I actually sat at the Second Floor, which was much more empty and quiet, perfect for meetings and couples to whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Now, Service wise, the tables on the second floor was slightly neglected, and the food and drinks are brought up, i suspect, by a small elevator in the back (Our food was delayed, they said the elevator was stuck).


This is their Roasted Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese ($10.00). The Tomato soup was good, it was tangy and slightly sweet and a creamy texture… The Grilled Cheese was cheesy and crispy, but slightly burnt. What I did was spoon a little Tomato Soup onto the Grilled Cheese, I know this sounds weird, but it tastes good haha!


This is the Maryland Crab Cake ($16.00). The Crab Cake was soft inside, but it had a slightly odd fishy taste, I couldn’t taste much Crab in there… The little Tomato and Corn ‘Salsa’ had a slightly spicy kick, which paired well with the Crab Cake.


This is the Blackened Pork Collar ($24.
00). Now, I know Blackened sounds like burnt in our heads, but it is a very special technique of Southern cooking to add flavour into Meats and Fishes while cooking, giving a nice crust. The Pork Collar was delicious, with a great flavour… With a natural slight chewiness from the Pork Collar, the gravy was slightly sweet, and the mashed potato was lumpy and could have been creamier!


Now, the star of The Beast, the Fried Chicken and Waffles ($20.00). I have been dying to try this for months, and it didn’t disappoint! The Chicken Thigh was brined for 24 hours, and it was extremely tasty, tender and moist! The Crust was very crispy and stayed on the Chicken! The Waffles was well cooked, and when it absorbed the juices from the Chicken and the Maple Syrup, it had a great savoury taste!

In conclusion, The Beast makes great and delicious food, and the prices are quite good… But, if you want a great array of choices of food and drinks, I would recommend their Sunday Brunch! Or you could just wonder into The Beast to just get hammered on Bourbon!

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
The Beast Restaurant
17 Jalan Klapa


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