Saint Clinton Baking Company Review

(Written by Elinor)

From New York City in America to Singapore, this restaurant started by a husband-wife duo Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman has its first outlet located along Purvis street in Bugis.


Known for their Blueberry pancakes, their fried chicken and waffles and their cakes and pies, I had to go pay a visit to this place.


You cannot do reservations at this place, you just have to go queue and wait for a seat. Me and my dad had to wait 20 mins for two seats. If you are going in a group of 4-6 people, I highly recommended that you either 1) Go after their peak period which is around 12-2pm. OR 2) Go early in the morning, which would be as early as 8am or 9am.

However if you insist on dining there during their peak period, I would suggest doing what I did, which was to ask for a table for two and go somewhere else to have lunch first. I went to eat delicious chicken rice from Chin Chin Restaurant just a walk away.

I’ll mention that place in another review. Anyways, there will be a staff incharge of calling you when they have seats ready for you.



Ok! Lets get down to the food! I went there for dessert. I was spoilt for choice. This menu may not look big in terms of variety but the type of cakes and pies they offer are tantalizing and can rarely be found in other places in this country.

Me and my dad ordered their special Black and white cake, a Classic Thick Vanilla Milkshake and Pecan Bourbon Pie.


The Black and White cake has a vanilla cake sandwiched between two chocolate cake layers. It is then coated with a vanilla frosting and topped of with a dark chocolate glaze that gave it a glossy finish to it. My first impression was… Wow! That’s a big slice! And Ehh…That’s a very big plate too! Haha… I wished they used a smaller plate that would highlight the cake as the star.
Visually, Amazing. However, a little disappointed with the taste. I felt that this cake is a little on the sweet side. Sad because the texture of the cake was nice considering that it is a batter type of cake.


This is the Bourbon Pecan pie. I had high hopes for this one as I never had a pecan pie before. I like the crunch and natural flavor of the pecan nuts. I found the pie to also be too sweet. I also hardly tasted any bourbon. I think if they were more generous on the booze and added a touch more salt (if they did add any), it would have brought out more of the pecan nut flavor.


I ended my meal with this thick milkshake. I must admit that this was simply delicious! It tasted like a Thick Vanilla Milkshake, like what the description on the menu said. The whipped cream on top with the addition of sprinkles just to give it some color and a playful feel was just nice. You could tell simply by tasting that they use real vanilla. Well offcourse, if you’re gonna make the customer pay $10 for a shake, it better be worth it, right?

All in all, quite disappointing. I had high expectations and was let down by the overwhelming sweet flavor. Atmosphere though is good, service is quick and friendly. Would I go back again? Possibly, to try their Buttermilk Fried Chicken with waffles and their Blueberry Pancakes.

Food rating: 6.5/10
(will have to go back to try more)
Service rating: 7.5/10

Clinton St Bakery Company & Restaurant
31 Purvis Street Singapore 188608 (8-10 min walk from Bugis MRT)
Tel: +65 6684 4845 (no reservations, parties above 6 may be split up)
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm


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