Imakatsu Japanese Restaurant Review

After my 1 week holiday through Japan, I have definitely experienced some of the very best Japanese food that Japan has to offer… Normally, after an experience like this, many people would turn their noses up on mediocre Japanese food in Singapore. I don’t know if I can put myself in this category (mostly due to wallet constraints), but a good Tonkatsu meal is one I am always on the hunt for!



The Tonkatsu Restaurant I visited earlier this evening, is called Imakatsu and they have just opened in Star Vista. But, the real chip on its shoulder is that its Flagship Restaurant in Tokyo, actually has been featured in the Michelin Guide! So… It has some big shoes to fill…



Every meal ordered at Imakatsu comes with a unlimited supply of cabbage and rice, like any Tonkatsu Restaurant. But, instead of serving individual portions with the sets when they arrive, Imakatsu serves it in a bowl for everyone to share. It was nice and fresh, but it was left at room temperature to serve, so I didn’t get the crisp I always look for in Cabbage.


This is the Piyo Piyo Minced ($9.80). It is basically an Scotch Egg! The egg in the middle was nice and creamy… But it was slightly bland, and the outer crust and minced pork was falling off!


This is the Sweet Potato Fries ($7.80). It was served hot, and the outside was crusty, without being crispy… Which was a bit odd.


This is the Hire Pork Don ($19.80). The Pork was slightly soggy when cooked with the egg, and the egg and onion stew with the rice was a bit tasteless…


This is the Curry Udon ($14.80). Served with thin Udon Noodles, the curry was quite watery and tasteless… Lacking spice! Udon was chewy though…



Now, up above are the main Tonkatsu sets. Above is the Tokusen Premium Pork Set ($23.80) and below is the Hire Pork Set.

Now, the main complain of the two was the batter was too thin and was falling off. Now, the Tokusen Pork was cooked well and juicy… But, it got a little tough or fatty at some corners. The Tonkatsu Pork was also quite bland and lacking seasoning in the batter. The rice was sticky, and the miso soup was flat in taste.

In conclusion, Imakatsu didn’t really impress me with their Tonkatsu… It was quite disappointing really, since they do come from a well established Restaurant in Tokyo… That is featured in the Michelin Guide…

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Imakatsu Japanese Restaurant
1 Vista Exchange Green
#01-17 The Star Vista


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