TCD Travels! Elinor’s Trip to Cambodia 2015!

(Written By Elinor)

There are 3 places I’d like to highlight from my trip. First is a place called More than Burgers. It is a cafe run by an Australian group called Restore One whom help the less fortunate in Cambodia.Moving on to the second highlight. This one you have to and I mean MUST go to if you are in Phnom Penh.

The BROOKLYN Pizza + Bistro serves super fresh pizza from the oven and world class New York Cheesecake.


I ordered a lime and mint fruit shake for about $2+. Very refreshing!


In the picture is their 16″ Brooklyn Bridge pizza. Which consists of bacon, pepperoni, ground beef, sausage, onions, mozzarella, cheddar and their tomato sauce. Generous amount is fillings on top and crispy crust on the edge. This cost US$16.95 (~S$8+). You would probably need at least 6 people to finish this pizza. If not, they also have 11″ pizza available too.


I really liked this one. It is a breakfast burger with a has brown patty, melted cheddar cheese over it, fried sunny side up egg and BACON! The side of fried were perfectly fried with a crispy exterior and soft interior. Marry that with the garlic mayo (the yellow sauce), YUM! Just wished they were a tad more generous on the fries.


Deep fried tofu. The tofu is not the light and airy type that you get in Japanese restaurants like Ichiban. Taste wise it’s not bad, nice crispy batter that sticks well to the tofu.


There is nothing more American than BBQ Pork Ribs. These ribs were fork and knife tender, literally just fell off the bone. Sweet BBQ sauce conplimented the meat very well. Creamy mash potatoes abit lumpy but I like it tasted like how I’ll make it at home. You also know you’re paying for real potatoes and not the powdered mash mixed with water.



This was the Pizza section of the menu.


Along with the ribs, there was potato chips and fries. The fries were just regular thick cut fries, but the potato chips were one of a kind. Just look how big one piece is! I’d bet you will never find a cafe or restaurant in Singapore selling potato chips like this.


Finally, the star of the show, New York cheese cake. This is not the Japanese kind where u fold in egg whites to make it some soufflé blah blah blah… No. The whole eggs are mixed in gradually into the cream cheese before flour is folded in. This cheesecake had a smooth velvety texture, sweetness was just right and you can still taste the cream cheese. Ratio of the batter to crust is perfect! A regular cheesecake costs US$4.00. The one in this picture has Oreo crumble which is an extra US$0.25. There are also other toppings of the same price like passion fruit and blueberry.


The last highlight is this glorious dessert. A Rum and Passion fruit baba. Basically a cake soaked in passion fruit juice and some rum topped with Chantilly whipped cream. This was at Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger. They sell not only cakes but bread and puff pastry too.


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