Pepper Bowl Review

Amoy Street Food Centre has always been a popular spot for Office workers in the Central Business District… Plenty of queues form at lunchtime, tissue paper packets on tables and seats to ‘chope’… There was one stall I would like to highlight that serves Beef Hor Fun and Rice… Pepper Bowl!


Pepper Bowl is one stall that I haven’t tried before in Amoy, but my Mother (who works in the vicinity) and Sister really loves this store!


With the 30 min queue at lunchtime and all the recognition and articles posted on the side of the store… It wouldn’t take a genius to know that this stall serves great food!



The menu is pretty simple, they offer Beef, Pork and Chicken cooked with Spring Onions or Black Pepper… Served over Hor Fun or Rice. Also, they offer an Onsen Egg as a topping!

Only 2 people man the stall, a lady who takes the order and scoops out the rice… And a man who does the stir-frying with a amazingly big fire as you can see! The food would definitely have an amazing ‘Wok-Hei’ flavour!


Now, this is the Black Pepper Beef Hor Fun ($5.00) with an Onsen Egg ($0.60)! Now, the Beef itself was quite tender and the Black Pepper Sauce was a bit Sweet and Spicy! Like I said, there was a great ‘Wok-Hei’ flavour, but the Hor Fun was slightly overcooked…


This is the Black Pepper Beef Rice ($5.00). The Beef itself was the same as the one in the Hor Fun, but this time there was some Onions that give a bit of a Crunch! The Rice was properly cooked, but it was slightly cold…

In conclusion, Pepper Bowl definitely belongs in the top tier of the Hawker Stalls in Amoy Street Food Centre… And it definitely is one of the better Hor Fun bowl I have had in a while!!!

Overall Rating:8/10

Hawker Stall Info:
Pepper Bowl
#02-102 Amoy Street Food Centre
7 Maxwell Road


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