Department of Caffeine Review

Cafes… They are definitely a bunch of them popping up, be it in the Heartlands, Downtown or the Central Business District… But, unfortunately there are only a few that have really rose up to the occasion and received recognition! One such example would be the Department Of Caffeine, which the Telegraph, a British Newspaper… Called one of the best Coffee shops in the world!


The Department Of Caffeine Cafe has been opened for a few years, and it has definitely been on my ‘Cafe Radar’ for a while. Located in Duxton Road, in the vicinity of Chinatown and the offices of the CBD. Thus, it tends to be rather crowded, be it on weekdays or weekends… Catering to different crowds of people!


Upon setting foot into D.O.C, what caught my eye was the giant Synesso Espresso Machine! Upon entering, you would be ushered to a table and handed a ‘wording-only’ menu.


Talking about the menu, they offer a wide array of Cakes and Pastries in the display case… Alongside that on the menu, there are a few tempting main courses like the Lobster B.L.T… But unfortunately, I arrived shortly after my lunch, so today we are just focusing on the drinks… Coffee, to be exact!


This is my preferred cup of coffee to order, the Flat White ($5.00)! Ok firstly, the art on top was one of the better ones I have seen… Also, the coffee itself was pretty nice! It was a double shot Espresso with smooth and untextured Microfoam, but the Espresso itself was slightly over-extracted, thus it was a bit Tannic… But, there was a nice nutty aftertaste and aroma!


This is a special item from the menu, the Cold Drip Coffee ($5.00)! It was once again, slightly tannic… But, it did have a fruity taste and with the Sun beating down outside, a Cold Drip Coffee like this… Would be ideal!

In conclusion, Department Of Caffeine definitely serves up rather good Coffee, but due to the two cups being slightly Tannic, I can’t claim them to be great… Nevertheless, this was a review just about their coffee, but who knows… Maybe they serve appetising food?

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
Department Of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road


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