Sunday Folks Review

Most trends come and go… We all know that, but there is something that might hang on for all eternity, a sweet guilty pleasure that we call a dessert… Ice Cream with Waffles! There have been many around Singapore that I have sampled… But today, I visited one of Singapore’s most famous Ice Cream Café, Sunday Folks!


Located in the ‘up and coming’ district of Holland Village, Sunday Folks is a favourite haunt of many students and residents. My sister, who goes to NUS, regularly heads to Sunday Folks to have her favourite Ice Cream with Waffles…


After you enter, you would be led to an empty table and given a wording only menu. The menu is quite standard, Ice Cream, Waffles, Cakes, Coffee and Tea. But, one thing very special about their Ice Cream is, it is soft-serve and there are only a few flavours (They ran out of Dark Chocolate Ice Cream when I went).



At the counter, there is a selection of cakes for you to choose from, and a few toppings to complement your soft serve Ice Cream…


This is the Cognac Chocolate Cake ($7.90). Technically, this would be considered a Dark Chocolate Cake… But it was quite heavy and overly sweet.


This is the Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream ($7.90) with Nuts and Cereals. Beautifully soft and creamy, the Pistachio flavour really came through in the Ice Cream. The Nuts, Cereals and Biscuit gave a little crunch to the Ice Cream!


Finally, the highlight! This is the double Waffle with Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream ($12.90). Extremely photogenic, the Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream was extremely flavourful, with a Strong Earl Grey flavour accenting through, but the Lavender smell could have been stronger.

Extremely soft, it was easy to spread and eat with the Waffles, which was crispy on the outside, and soft in the inside! The Chocolate and Caramel sauce was a little too sweet though…

In conclusion, I finally understood the craze about Sunday Folks… And it could really give my favourite Waffle place, Fat Cat, a run for their money. However, there was quite a long wait (10-20 minutes depending on crowd) and the prices are a bit steep… Despite all that, Sunday Folks has really opened my eyes in terms of what can be achieved with just Ice Cream and Waffles…

Overall Rating:8.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga


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