California Pizza Kitchen Review

For those of us who love Italian food, me included… Would have known that there is two very distinct sides to Italian cooking. There is of course the Italy-Italian style from classic restaurants like Peperoni Pizzeria and Jamie’s Italian. On the other side of the equation, there is American-Italian style from restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen!


California Pizza Kitchen has been at Forum Shopping Centre at Orchard for a few years now. Originating from California, California Pizza Kitchen prides itself in serving good Pasta and Pizza… In its own American style!

The ambience at California Pizza Kitchen is quite chilled and relaxed. A big space with an open kitchen and bar concept… It is something I would definitely associate as a homely restaurant.


Their menu is quite big and extensive, with a wide array of choices for the whole family… Ranging from soups to salads, and of course, Pasta… Pizza and Italian style mains!


This is the Tortilla Soup ($8.50) in a bowl! It has quite an appetising yellow colour… Definitely a tangy bowl of soup with corn, peas and spices… Definitely reminiscent of some Indian flavours.


This is one of my favourite things to order, a Spinach Artichoke Dip ($17.90). Served with chips, the dip was served hot and it was creamy and slightly salty. But, when the dip cools down… It started to get a bit sticky…


This is the Full Roasted Vegetable Salad ($20.50). Served with Lettuce, Avocado, Artichoke, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Corn. The combination was rather tasty, with the Artichokes bringing a sour and salty flavour. The dressing was slightly too sour though!


Now, on to the Pastas! This is the Olive Oil and Shrimp Pasta ($25.50). Effectively an Aglio Olio, the Pasta was slightly overcooked, but it did have a good, strong Garlic flavour!


A favourite of mine, the Jambalaya Fettuccine ($26.90)! Cooked with a spicy Jambalaya sauce from the Southern Part of the USA and served with Chicken, Shrimp, Andouille Sausage and Tasso Ham. The sauce had a excellent kick, but I would recommend a topping of cheese. The topping to highlight would be the Andouille Sausage, which was slightly chewy but sweet with a slight kick of spiciness when you bite into it!


Finally, the Classic Pizza to order, the Margherita Pizza ($24.50)! With a great combination of Mozzarella, Tomato sauce and Basil… So you can appreciate the toppings and well as the crust! The Mozzarella could have been cheesier and the Tomato was too sour. The Pizza crust was thin, but not crispy… Chewy is a better word to use!

In conclusion, California Pizza Kitchen is definitely a Italian Restaurant worth visiting if you are in Orchard Road. Many people would be asking, is California Pizza Kitchen better than its new neighbour, Jamie’s Italian? My answer is… You can’t compare them, they are from different corners of Italian cooking! It just wouldn’t be fair! I want Al-Dente Pasta!!!

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
California Pizza Kitchen
583 Orchard Road
#01-23 Forum Shopping Centre


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