Kilo Review

When there is a upcoming birthday in my family, there would be a bit of an argument on where to go for the Birthday dinner. There would definitely be a need to strike a balance between the budget, food and number of people attending. For my most recent 17th Birthday dinner, there wasn’t much of a budget to a nice Steakhouse, like Bedrock for example. Thus, I insisted that since I didn’t get to choose an expensive restaurant, the venue would be somewhere my family wouldn’t visit… The restaurant Kilo definitely popped into my mind.


Kilo is a restaurant that has always been on the back of my mind, it was an Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant that started out along the Kallang River. Opened by a Puerto Rican and Singaporean couple, it has since expanded to open a outlet in this new concept, Pact on the second floor of Orchard Central. Pact is a new open space concept where a group of restaurants, bars and boutiques share this open space, a Kilo included.


The menu like I said, is centered around a concept of Italy and Japanese coming together on a plate… But unfortunately the choices are rather limited compared to their Flagship Restaurant along the Kallang River. It is probably attributed to their limited space at Pact. Kilo also emphasizes a lot on their drinks, stocking quite a few different wines and bartenders crafting artisanal Cocktails… Unfortunately, I just turned 17… Not 18!!!


This his is the Wasabi Tuna Tartare ($23.00) with Avocado and Sourdough. Now, this was pretty good… With Tuna given a kick with the Wasabi, while the Avocado cools it down slightly. Have it on the Sourdough bread slice for the ‘Complete Tartare’ experience.


This is the Grilled Broccolini and Stracciatella ($21.00) with a Sesame and Sake paste, Mint and Olive Oil. Now, this was a rather interesting concept, with bad execution. The Broccolini was slightly burnt, while the paste was stringy and the mint didn’t come through with its flavour in the dish.


This is the Seafood Ceviche ($21.00) with Tuna, Salmon and Octopus. Not a bad dish, with the Tuna and Salmon tasty and fresh. But, the Octopus was slightly too chewy and the dish was a bit cliché in my mind, with many restaurants doing this style of Ceviche… With Avocado and some crispy, fried stuff on top. Some imagination or creativity is missing in this dish…


This is the Spicy Salmon Sashimi ($16.00) with Burnt Pineapple. The Salmon was slightly mushy and the whole plate was… rather oily, with the Pineapple and Rice Powder not really contributing much to the dish.


This is the Baby Eggplant ($12.00) with Mascarpone Cheese and a Donburi sauce. I, personally do not enjoy Eggplant in general, but I thought it was flavorful but the skin was very chewy. The sauce was too sweet, and the Mascarpone could have been creamier and cheesier.


This is the Crispy Soft Shell Crab ($16.00) with Watermelon and a Red Thai Curry Gravy. The Crab itself was crispy, however the batter was too thick and the Watermelon didn’t sit well with the Curry, which was too sweet.


This is the Black and White Prawn Ravioli ($21.00) with Spinach and Sake Butter. Now, the Ravioli itself was quite odd, the Prawn was minced and its flavor didn’t come through, and the Black and White Sheet of Pasta had a contrast in flavors and textures.


This is the Cream of Ebiko Pasta ($28.00) with Prawns. The Pasta itself was slightly overcooked and the Cream was quite tasteless… the Roe did bring a bit of a ‘burst’ of flavor.


This is the Squid Ink Fettuccini ($24.00) with Crispy Baby Squid, Ikura and an Poached Egg. Now, the Poached Egg was overcooked, and the Yolk was semi liquid and didn’t coat the Pasta. The Pasta was once again overcooked, but the Squid Ink was nice and slightly creamy and salty… stained my teeth though. The Baby Squid was too chewy for my liking…


This is the Pan-Seared Salmon Donburi ($28.00) with Turnip Puree and a Pea Mash. The Salmon was nicely cooked but the Skin was slightly soggy and hard to chew through. The Pea Mash was way too strong for my taste… especially with the Mint.


This is the BBQ Pork Riblet ($26.00) with a Tofu Puree and a Apple Kimchi Salad. The Pork Riblet was Tender and it fell off the bone, but it was slightly chewy when you bite into it. The Apple Kimchi Salad was slightly too sour and spicy, and the Apples were a bit soft.


Finally, the last dish, which is also my favourite… the Beef Short Rib Steak ($33.00) with Onion Rings and a Shittake Salad! The Short Rib was cooked to a nice Medium-Rare with a good sear, but since it is a secondary cut of the cow, it was slightly chewy, as expected. The Onion Rings were too heavily coated, and the Shittake Mushrooms were quite spongy…

Now, before I conclude… I would like to mention that a Birthday Cake was brought to Kilo as it was my Birthday, it was given to the staff to place in the fridge. But unfortunately, as we finished our Dinner and asked the Staff to bring my cake out, we were told we could only blow the Birthday Candles, but we could not consume the cake at the Restaurant, as they also a cake on the dessert menu. So, we had to go down to the Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlour to cut and eat it… so I guess, next time when we make a reservation for a Birthday Dinner, tell them that you are bringing a Birthday Cake… so annoying, this stupid Restaurant Policy…

Anyway, in conclusion, for all the hype that Kilo got when they first opened, they are what I would call ‘overrated’, especially at that kind of pricing. Nevertheless, their food was ok, but I did expect better for my Birthday Dinner…

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Kilo at Pact
181 Orchard Road
#02-16/18 Orchard Central

Click here for their other outlet locations.


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