Bakes and Crafts Churros Review

(Written by Elinor)

Currently there are a couple of foods trending right now and churros is one of them. Just imagine being able to enjoy some good quality churros at an affordable price. Well, that is certainly possible.

I have to thank my sister for this one. It all started when my sister got back from the recent pasar malam at Blk 85 Fengshan hawker centre. She came home and told me “You have to go and try these churros! They are SOO GOOD!” I was doubtful at first as last time I had churros at pasar malam, they didn’t taste great. Plus they didn’t look anything like the strips of churros with ridges on the sides which is signature to the appearance. But I thought I’d give it a go.

First thing that caught my eye was their beautiful signboard which displays the flavours that they have. I was simply spoilt for a choice.


Better still is the price they sell it at which is $5! Yes!! If you look at the “Churros” Market right now, you would know that these cost a lot. The pop up store, The Churros Factory, sells 6 pieces for $7. That prices each piece just slightly over a dollar. At Bakes and Crafts, I managed to get about 7-8 pieces for the $5 I paid, pricing each piece just under a dollar.

The reason for the price difference is probably the location. I mean like you still have something called RENT, which is in my opinion the main reason why restaurants fail. It drains the “money bank” as I call it. Given the fact that The Churros Factory is a pop up at I12 Katong, the rent there would definitely be more expensive compared to a pasar malam.

So about these churros, what’s so nice about these from BakesandCrafts? Well, as you can see in the photo, they serve uniqe flavours like red velvet and Pandan gula meleka. These were the 2 that I tried.


These I had with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. I always eat with my eyes first, the first thing that I noticed was the colour. The dark rich red colour still retained after cooking. It also tasted as good as it looked. It was perfectly fried, not soggy or over-fried but still had that nice crispy exterior. Then there’s the soft, chewy interior. You still get the sweetness from the cinnamon sugar that coats the crispy exterior and it sticks to it because of the grease from frying it.


It was so good I decided to go back a try them again, this time experiencing a different flavor. So I gave the Pandan churros a go. If I had to give small criticism it would be the sauce for this one. It was a bit one sided, just plain sweet. I also didn’t taste any Gula Melaka in it. The ones I had in the picture just came out fresh from the fryer which explains the glistening you see in the picture.


In conclusion, what I really like is that there’s consistency to the churros, that the quality still remains for each and every churros they sell.  Bakesandcrafts don’t have a permanent location, so they jump here and there. From Gardens By the Bay, to SMU to a Wedding?

So I recommend you to go check out their Instagram @bakesandcrafts so you can receive any updates on where they are or to just admire photos of their glorious churros.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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