Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee Review

For as long as I can remember, there was a little shop on the ground floor, in the block opposite my Grandmother’s one. That stall would be selling all kinds of coffee beans, and that’s it, no cups of coffee. It was run by a Mr.Tan Tiong Hoe, and he been in the business of coffee since the 1960s. Now, in 2014, a cafe named after him had opened at the same spot selling Coffee beans and aristanal Coffee! With such a rice history and background of Coffee, the aficionado in me had to try it out!


Now run by a few youngsters, Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee does give a vibe of a ‘Hipster’ Cafe while still embracing its roots of Coffee.


Apart from their choice of Coffee, they serve some cakes and juices, and that’s it! They didn’t fall into that trap of serving great food with mediocre Coffee.


Above the Coffee Machine, you can see the cups in different sizes, colours and designs. Now, from what I understand, they are all made by a local manufacturer… And are separated into different stacks for the different types of Coffee.


In my opinion, the Coffee Beans at the back of the Cafe are a reassuring sign, that they pride themselves in making an amazing cup of Coffee. Also, you can order all kinds of Coffee Beans from their Website, all with different flavour profiles… For you to make an ‘informed choice’ on your beans (Even though most of us won’t be able to tell them apart)!


Apart from their classic milk-based Coffee choices, they also offer Pour Over and Cold Brew Coffee. I can’t comment on how they taste as I didn’t get to sample them… But it does take a true Coffee aficionado to appreciate them properly, I guess…



Now, on to the Coffee! Above is the classic Café Latte ($4.50) and below is the Piccolo Latte ($4.00)! Now, the difference between the two of them (besides their latte art), is that the Piccolo Latte has a smaller amount of milk with the same Espresso Shot as the Café Latte… Thus it is Stronger!

Now, the Café Latte was very smooth and milky, but the Espresso shot didn’t come through strong enough. Thus, I prefer the Piccolo Latte for that stronger kick of Espresso! Also, both cups weren’t too Tannic, which was a plus point for me!

In conclusion, Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee has definitely lived up to its name in serving Speciality Coffee. But, I was slightly disappointed that they don’t offer my favourite variation of Coffee, the Flat White. Nevertheless, this is a Cafe in a housing estate that it worth a sample!

Overall Rating:8/10

Cafe Info:
Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee
Block 170 Stirling Road


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