Cedele Review

I love Restaurants that serve good all-day breakfast… I know, it doesn’t sound like a very good idea to many people, but this appeals to me a lot! Unfortunately, many all-day breakfast Restaurants tend to be a bit expensive like Wild Honey (Read its Review here!)… But, there is a little known Bakery, that at certain outlets have a little bistro and cafe that serves good food at affordable prices called… Cedele!


Cedele has always been a old family favourite. My dad would buy their bread almost weekly (Note, not all Cedele outlets have a Bistro), but it has been months since we had a meal here… Quite a surprise to me actually, as this is one of few restaurants where each of us can have something we really want to eat… With its wide-ranging, extensive menu…




If you just want to buy bread, cake or pastries from Cedele, then you are in luck! In the branches with the bistro, Cedele offers a wide range of bread, cakes, pastries, organic snacks and what not… Also, they have a Ice-Cream counter, and their Ice Cream is quite nice! Especially the Sea Salt Caramel and Blueberry Cheesecake!


Like I said, Cedele has a very big menu, ranging from soups to classic all-day Breakfast items, Sandwiches, Western Mains, Pastas and Risotto… So indeed they is always something for everyone…



With an order of a soup, or a payment of an additional $1, you can have a free flow of bread, that you have to self-cut… They offer a few different types of bread, like Ciabatta and Sourdough… And you can pour your own Olive Oil and Vinegar and request for Butter.

But, the bread does tend to be a bit crusty and hard, and a bit cold to be honest… But, if you just come here for a light lunch, a bowl of soup and a free flow of bread… Then it would be quite worth it!


Now, on to the food! This is the Wild Mushroom Soup ($9.60). Nice and Creamy with generous chunks of Mushroom inside… But, would be preferred a stronger Mushroom Taste coming through the soup!


This is the Orange Carrot Soup ($9.60). Now, this was a weird combination, Orange and Carrot… But I thought it was ok, there was a sweetness from the Carrot… And a slight tang from the orange, which didn’t mix well with the Carrot. I honestly felt that the orange was a bit superficial.

One general complain about the soup, is that the soup was served at room temperature… A steaming hot bowl of soup would be preferable, especially since the soup would be prepared in advance and just in a pot!


This is the Sea Bass Lovers Sandwich ($16.80). Thought that the Sea Bass was flaky and properly cooked, but the bread was a bit tough… And the salad had too much dressing on it!


This is the Mixed Mushroom Risotto ($17.90). I was rather impressed by this dish as a Risotto-lover. The Rice was al-dente and the mushrooms weren’t overcooked… And the Risotto was prepared without Cream and too much Cheese. The dish on the whole was quite flavourful, but I would be preferred diced Mushrooms and the Risotto to be creamier…


This is the Fish Cor Pesto Pasta ($17.90). The Pasta was al-dente, but the pesto was a little flat in terms of flavour. A stronger pesto would have made the dish stand out more!


Finally, this is the Wild Blueberry Pancake ($13.90). The Pancakes had a nice, fluffy consistency… But I felt that the Blueberries were slightly too sour. The Sausage was slightly chewy and lacking in flavour!

In conclusion, Cedele does stand out as more than just a Bakery and Patisserie, serving respectable Western Food at affordable prices… And definitely a recommended spot for All-Day Breakfast!

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Cedele By Bakery Depot
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place

Visit http://www.cedelegroup.com/locations/ for all their locations across Singapore!


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