Udon Goen Review

Wisma Atria’s food court has always been on my radar… There is a very famous Japanese Restaurant there, very good Hokkien Mee and Din Tai Fung. But recently, one more stall has generated buzz, a Japanese Udon and Curry Rice has appeared in the Sunday Life Food Column. Apparently it is quite good, with a sizable portion of curry and Katsu and reasonable priced. Of course, the Curry Rice lover in me had to check it out!


At this Japanese Stall, they serve both Curry Rice and Udon, surprisingly in my mind, as most Japanese Restaurants pride themselves in one or the other. I didn’t get to sample their Udon as I was in the mind for some Curry Rice!


They have a wide selection of Katsu for their Curry Rice… Ranging from the Classic Pork and Chicken, to like Fish and Prawn. Oh, also if you are really hungry, they serve a double portion Fried Pork Curry Rice in a gigantic plate!


I tried their classic Tonkatsu Original Curry Rice ($7.90). Now, the one thing that really impressed me was the Tonkatsu! A gigantic piece of Tonkatsu, and this was the original size itself! Despite being fried in advance and left under a hotlamp, the Pork was Crunchy but a bit dry. The Curry though, I thought it was slightly too watery and wasn’t spicy enough… Most curry rice stalls that I have been to, have offered different levels of spiciness… But here, they only had one level, mild, sweet and not spicy!

In conclusion, Udon Geon serves rather good Curry Rice, but I feel they are really lacking in kick and spiciness in their curry. But, with their affordable prices and gigantic portions of meat… It is worth a try, if you are in Wisma looking for Curry Rice!

Overall Rating:7/10

Stall Info:
Udon Geon
Wisma Atria Food Court
435 Orchard Rd


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