A $50 Instagram Shot

(Written by Esh)

As much as it pains me to say, paying a large exorbitant amount of money does not always mean you get very tasty food. There have been many cases where I have met people who spend $50 on their meal only to come out disappointed.

Apparently, they heard ‘reviews’ that the food was amazing at one outlet and the price seemed to be justified. They see it all over Instagram and Facebook and thought that it looked delicious since almost everyone said so in the comments. It seemed perfect and just, to spend so much money on that one meal. Makes sense right? Pay more for that better looking, tastier and more satisfying meal.

So one day, you walk up the outlet, it looks amazing. Be it having a classy, hipster or street concept, it looks different from your usual food haunts. Also, you can see how much thought went into their food, every shelf, plate and cup was specifically chosen for the intended purpose of displaying and playing a part in the ambience. The plates nearly fits the dishes perfectly, be it pasta or grilled meats, dim sum or sweet and sour pork, the plates are perfect, almost specially tailored. Again, very well thought out, nothing was accidental, it was all intentional.

Waitress comes up, she greets you. She seems so much a part of the restaurant. Her outfit, her look. Be it tattoos and suspenders for a hipster style restaurant or a company colored Cheong-Sam for a traditional Chinese place, she fits perfectly. She speaks well and memorizes the dishes.

Perfectly trained to give you the best experience possible and make you feel as happy as you ever could be. She recommends dishes and discusses what combination will be best for you. She seems so involved and really wanting the best for you. Never have you received such amazing service. She leaves and you are left on your own, despite if you are with or without a friend.

You look around, everything seems amazing, the place, the people and ambience. The décor is impeccable, something out of pintrest. The furniture and fittings are well-coordinated and planned. Chairs are comfortable and tables are the perfect height. Their glasses seem so intricate and you really feel like asking who their supplier is. Plates are fitted for specific dishes and cutleries are simple, light and strong. Almost nothing seems out of place.

Finally after 15 mins, you get your food. It looks amazing, everything seems well-balanced. The salad is glistening beautifully with the dressing. The perfect balance of colours and sauce is a pleasure to your eyes. The meal look perfectly grilled, with nice charred lines cutting across. Pasta, perfectly holding their shape and perfectly coated in sauce. Never have you seen something so appetizing.

Everyone takes their pictures and you begin to eat. Finally, the reality hits you; the dish doesn’t taste like the $50 you are going to have to pay. There may be plentiful amount of sauce, but it is bland and pasta could be overcooked. The chicken may have been perfectly charred outside but the centre was a little undercooked. The salad may have been colourful and glistening in sauce, but nothing came together. It was absolute chaos in your mouth.

At this point, you realize where your money went. It went into everything but the food. You paid $50 for an experience, not a meal. You paid $50 not to have the best meal you have ever had, you just paid $50 for the best set of Instagram photos you could have ever taken.


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