Churn Creamery Review

Along Tanjong Pagar road, there are plenty of shops and stalls on the bottom floor of the old shophouses. An area, definitely well known for Bridal Shops, Bars, Pubs and Korean Restaurants… So there is quite a high amount of human traffic around here. But, there was one little shop that caught my eye along this busy stretch of road, Churn Creamery Ice Cream Parlour!


Churn Creamery is a small, little Ice Cream Parlour that was rather inconspicuous from the outside, and blended into the surroundings. Upon entering, you will see little metal benches and wodden chairs… And of course, a giant Ice Cream Display at the counter!


Churn Creamery is definitely committed to making both the classic and unusual Gelato flavours in two categories, Premium ans Supreme. Besides the Ice Cream, they also boast a wide selection of Milkshakes, Hot Tea… And also Brownies and Waffles to Complement your Gelato!

The prices are straightforward, for Gelato in a Cup, it is $4.80 for songle scoop Premium, and $5.80 for single scoop Supreme. For Double Scoop, it is $6.80 for Premium, $7.80 for mixed and $8.80 for Supreme! They also have a Gelato Sampler who those for you who can’t make up your mind!


This is the Thai Milk Tea (Premium) and the Buttersquash Umpkin Elloween (Supreme). I liked the Thai Milk Tea, it had a bit of Thai Milk Tea flavour in the background and it was creamy… But, a stronger Thai Milk Tea taste would have been nicer.

The Buttersquash Umpkin Elloween was ok in my mind, it had chunks of nuts in it that was more stiff than crunchy, and it was not very creamy. Also, the Biscuit on top added a nice crispy touch, but a bigger piece would have been nicer!

The Earl Grey and Green Tea Matcha flavour were sampled too. They both could have had a stronger background flavour, but the Earl Grey was fragrant and the Green Tea Matcha was rather smooth…

In conclusion, Churn Creamery didn’t exactly wow me with their Gelato, but like all Ice creams, even the worst kind still is pretty good. As far as I know, there are a few Ice Cream Parlours along Tanjong Pagar, and Churn Creamery could be facing some really tough competitors nearby!

Overall Rating:7/10

Ice Cream Parlour Info:
Churn Creamery
124 Tanjong Pagar Road


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