D’ zerts Café Review

(Written by Elinor)

Tucked away along a stretch of shophouses is this Café that serves posh desserts that costs under $10. Yes, you read that right. D’zerts Café offers a variety of desserts that no other café has. This Café has been around here for quite a while now but they always update their menu with fresh unique desserts ready to be ordered.


To give you a short ‘biography’ of the Café, it is actually a family business run by an ex-Navy personnel, who’s the Chef and Baker, and his Dad, Mr Tay, does the Coffee and service. 

When you arrive outside of this Café, you will notice a beautiful garden of Herbs. The Café is a 40 pax place, with simple decorations, and I would say there’s a certain ‘peacefulness’ to the ambience. You would also notice the Dessert display they have filled with all their AMAZING Desserts.


This is their signature Green Tea Latte Cake ($5.50). It comprises of a Green Tea Mousse, pieces of Strawberry Jelly inside and an Almond Sponge separating the layers of Mousse. I absolutely enjoyed this one not just because I’m a Matcha fan, but this Mousse was not too sweet. It was smooth and velvety, you get the nice rough texture from the sponge and the Strawberry cuts through all the richness going on in your mouth.

If you do happen to go there right after reading this review, you might get a chance to taste their Mango Passion Dessert ($5.00).



Yes, I know what you’re thinking. A dessert that looks like a Duck for 5 Dollars? Hang on! Take the knife which is served to you and slice it down the middle. Tadah! Now you see why it’s $5. It tasted so good I can’t remember all the elements in it. Basially, the bottom is a sponge similar to the one in the Matcha cake above. There like a Passion Fruit ‘burst’ inside and also White Chocolate.

Also, I have so more much to say about the desserts! Below are somemore pictures of the Desserts at D’zerts Café so go check it out.


One last item I must talk about is the Waffles! D’zerts Café has the Bert’s Waffles where you can have your plain Waffle with a selection of your own sauce (Strawberry, Chocolate, Maple, Salted Caramel or Earl grey Caramel), or have Ice Cream on top! They have Ice Cream flavours from the classic Strawberry and Chocolate, to Matcha and Black sesame.



The waffles I had above is with Vanilla Ice Cream (my brother’s favourite flavor) with Salty Caramel. If you were to ask me if this waffle is better than Craftsmen, I would say yes and I tell you why. They are not too ‘cakey’, and they have a crusty exterior and soft chewy interior which I like. Generally, these are more fluffy and cheaper than Craftsmen’s waffle which are just over $10. These cost me $8.90, but if you want to just have the plain Waffles they are $7.90.

Service wise, they are pretty good. Mr Tay does most of the service and he is very friendly and has a ‘Sheepish’ smile. It’s also bright inside and with clear glass windows, you can see the road outside with cars passing by. Probably why there’s a ‘peacefulness’ to its ambience. You can use your laptop there too since there is wifi! ☺

I personally already been here a couple of times already. Hence, based on my experience, I recommend that you come here for the Desserts and Waffles and try not to order the savoury foods there like the Pasta. I mean, I could do that on my own and it wouldn’t be worth the price I’m would be paying for.

All in all, I would say this Café is like the dark horse among the cafes in the East. Not known to a lot of people but it serves superb Desserts and Waffles that you definitely won’t forget.

Service rating: 8/10
Food rating: 8/10

Restaurant Info:
D’Zerts Café
30 Jalan Pari Bulong


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