The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice Review

Chicken Rice, every nation-loving Singaporean is a harsh critic of this dish… Steamed or Roasted Chicken, with Chicken Flavoured Rice. Even though we call this our national dish, do you know that Chicken Rice originally hailed of Hainan? So, the Hainanese should be the best at Chicken Rice right?


Housed in Serangoon and recommended by my Dad, it is a chicken rice place that I have never heard of. But, I am never one to try a new Chicken Rice restaurant… Especially since my old favourite Chicken Rice stall, Mei Chin Chicken Rice closed for good…



Besides Chicken Rice, they serve a lot of other chinese style food that I would be sampling… But, one thing about that restaurant is, it was almost completely empty when I visited! So, I did a slight tinge of prejudice, the classic ‘no one in the restaurant one’….


Now, on to the food! Like most chinese restaurants, the meal always start with a small plate of braised peanuts ($3.00). Slightly too small for me, and it could have been sweeter for that kickstart to the palette!


The first thing I always judge in a Chicken Rice stall is of course, the rice ($1.00), soy sauce, chilli and ginger. The Rice definitely could have been more fragant and flavourful, and the soy sauce was slightly thick and salty.

The chilli was extremely sour and spicy, but it was strangely addictive… The ginger didn’t have enough kick and was very salty…


This is the soup served with the Chicken Rice. Slightly cloudy, I could taste that background flavour of Pig’s stomach in the soup… Was really peppery too!


Now, on to the star of the show, the Chicken! We ordered a Half White Chicken ($16.00). Slightly stringy and lacklustre, and could be have been more tender, especially the breast which was a little bit dry.


A classic fusion dish favourite of mine, the Hainanese Pork Chop ($11.00). It was one of the better Pork Chops I have tasted… With it being crispy, flavourful and tender. But, one complain I have is the fries, which were clearly frozen… I have a personal mindset that if a restaurant can’t be bothered to make their own fries, then don’t bother serving it… You are not impressing anyone with the crinkle cut frozen fries!


This is the Sweet Potato Leaves with Sambal ($9.00). Soso only, with the vegetables lacking kick from the sambal and being too sweet and slightly overcooked…



Finally, this is the Fish Maw Soup ($12.00 for medium). Slightly too sour, and the fish maw was slightly mushy and had no bite to it… The chicken strips and mushrooms in there were a bit superficial to me too…

In conclusion, the Yang’s Chicken Rice didn’t impress me at all with their dishes… No wonder there were hardly any customers (apart from some noisy China people which makes me suspect it is a restaurant for China People). My hunt for Chicken Rice is definitely never-ending… And with my favourite Mei Chin chicken rice stall closed, this is a hunt that I will put a priority on!!!

Overall Rating:6.5/10

Restaurant Info:
The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall
562 Serangoon Road


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