Percolate Cafe Review

Currently in Singapore, plenty of new cafes are opening up here and there to accommodate the ever-growing amount of coffee drinkers. Many coffee-lovers consider this the third-wave of new cafes (don’t ask me why, I don’t know). One such cafe would be the highly recommended Percolate!


Percolate is a little cafe in Bedok, so it is mainly catering to the coffee-loving heartlanders like yours truly. In fact, they just undergone a major renovation and expansion in May this year, to give the cafe a more homely and comfy atmosphere!



Percolate has been on my radar for a while, after many raved reviews by some of my friends. Well, I had to go and try it, since I am really starting to love coffee… And Percolate seemed like a nice place to start!




Their Menu is straightforward Cafe style, concentrating on a few different types of coffee, cakes and pastries. Not only that, I found the prices quite reasonable!


This is the 5oz White ($4.50), their speciality! It was, in one word, amazing! Amazingly creamy and aromatic, and yet with the strong flavour of the Espresso not overpowered. Not too tannic, with a nutty aftertaste.


This is the Lemon Square ($4.50). Essentially, it is Lemon Sponge cake, which was delicious! A good balance between sweet and sour, extremely soft and fluffy… But, I found the icing on top slightly superficial…


This is Dark Chocolate Brownie ($4.50). It was slightly floury and dense, and the dark chocolate flavour didn’t come through strong enough…

In conclusion, Percolate has definitely impressed me with their Coffee, and I will definitely return soon! Unfortunately, their pastries are a bit hit and miss, from the ones I have tasted… If they could improve on that, it could very well be one of the best cafes in the East, maybe even in Singapore?

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
Percolate Cafe
136 Bedok North Avenue 3


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