Bigmama Korean Restaurant Review

When my family normally craves Korean Food for dinner, we would go to Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant at the Amara Hotel (Read about it here). Authentic decorations and good Korean food… Basically a very good restaurant all round! But today, we went to this little Korean Restaurant I had never heard of called Bigmama Korean Restaurant!


Located in Tiong bahru, with another branch with a different menu at Buona Vista… Bigmama is rather authentic Korean Restaurant serving proper, no-nonsense food.



I suspected that it is a family run business as it had a friendly, causal atmosphere… Something I really miss in Restaurants nowadays. When I walked in at around 7pm, I found the place quite empty, but in fact almost all of the empty tables were reserved… I actually counted myself lucky as they were turning away many walk-in customers after me.



Like I said, the menu was straightforward Korean, and rather small compared to other Korean Restaurants I have visited, whose menus could be over 20 pages long! Like any Korean Restaurant, they will serve you the classic side dishes to start the meal… A quick run though them!

The Kimchi was actually quite delicious, as it was still crunchy and wasn’t overly spicy and sour. The anchovies were more hard than crispy, and the sweet sauce wasn’t sticky enough to pick up a few with yohr chopsticks. The noodles, vegetable and rice cake were all rather substandard, but the Lotus Root was rather sweet and crunchy.


This is the Dolsot Bibimbap ($15.00) served on a hot stone. The ingredients given, especially the mushrooms with the egg binding them all together. Unfortunately, like most hot stone bibimbaps I have had… The rice was overcooked, and it burned at the bottom way too fast! How hard is it to cook rice properly?


This is the Kimchi Soup ($14.00) with rice. The soup was slightly too sour and spicy for me, and the tofu inside was overcooked.


This is the best dish of the night, the Beef Ribeye ($28.00) with Onions and a sweet and spicy sauce. This was hands down, delicious! Juicy and tender with little tendon in between, but the sweet and spicy was too sweet and could have been spicier to counter the sweetness. The onions underneath were just sliced up raw and thrown into the pan, thus a few chunky pieces were still raw, but the onion does have its purpose, to prevent the beef from being overcooked when placed below it.


This is the Mackerel Fish Kimchi soup ($35.00). The Mackerel inside, itself was properly cooked and soft, but it had a lot of bones so be careful! The soup itself was quite salty, spicy and sour at the same time… Didn’t enjoy it…

In conclusion, Bigmama has definitely gather a huge customer base with their rather nice Korean Dishes. And given the prices and porions, I actually find this restaurant more affordable to the masses… Dare I say, it is better than my tried-and-tested favourite, Hyang To Gol? I can’t decide now, not until I sample the remaining dishes… Remember to make your reservations! Recommended 2 days in advance to avoid disappointment!

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
Bigmama Korean Restaurant
2 Kim Tian Road

Bigmama BBQ and Bar
20 Biopolis Way
#01-01 Centros


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