Tampopo Restaurant Review

Liang Court has always been known for being a Japanese oriented Shopping Mall. There are plenty of Japanese-style boutiques and there is even the largest Japanese Supermarket in Singapore, Meidi-ya there! Of course, not forgetting the Japanese restaurants there! Plenty of different choices of food, ranging from Curry rice to Sushi and Ramen… But, there is one very famous Restaurant on the ground floor near the entrance that combines all the aspects of Japanese Food called Tampopo!


Tampopo is a regular haunt of mine, serving up everything imaginable in Japanese Cookery. A rather busy restaurant, and a big one, with different sections for seatings, the kitchen, the sushi bar and the counter.


The decoration and atmosphere is akin to a traditional Japanese Restaurant, wooden fixtures and fittings, booth seats and the Servers greet in Japanese… I know, it sounds rather cliché, so let’s just move on to the food!


This is the Tekka Maki ($8.00). A classic Japanese Roll of Rice, Seaweed and Tuna. It didn’t wow me in terms of flavour, and the cuts of the tuna in the roll were very inconsistent.


This is the Ume Sashimi ($58.00). An amazing looking platter of Amebi (Raw Prawn), Scallops, Amberjack, Chutoro (Medium Tuna Belly) and Salmon. The Amebi was nice and sweet, and sucking all the Umami ‘stuff’ out of the head was great!

The Scallops were soft and sweet, with its consistency unlike cooked scallops. The Amberjack and Salmon were of decent taste and quality, but the Chutoro was awesome! Not as fatty as Utoro, but it did had some bite and some ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ a good Tuna Belly will give you.


This is the Famous Tonkatsu Ramen ($16.80). The Pork wasn’t soggy but slightly chewy, while the Ramen was extremely spicy! A disappointment as it sort of killed my taste buds, the noodles were springy though.


This is the Black Pork Yanagawa Set ($26.80). The Pork was sweet and slightly soggy and tough cooked in the egg and sweet sauce mixture. The rice was of good quality, but slightly mushy… The miso soup was good, it had a lot of ingredients in it! The salad and watermelons were ok, nothing to shout about.


This is the Executive Set ($58.00). There were a lot of things on this platter, so I am going to run through all of them.

There was a sashimi rice bowl, which was the best thing in that set, generous servings of fresh, tasty fish. There were some sashimi and Tako (Octopus) which were soso… There was a Tempura of Carrots and Prawns which hardly tasted of anything. There was the Fried Layered Pork with fish roe which was ok only, but the Cod Fish in Sweet sauce was delicious! Tender and packed full of flavour! There was also a Chawanmushi which was smooth and silky but lacking in flavour.

In conclusion, Tampopo does stand out in the food scene of Liang Court… But, their food is definitely quite hit and miss sometimes… Despite that, there are other restaurants I haven’t sampled yet in Liang Court, and I suspect Tampopo better up their game if there want to compete with the others!

Overall Rating: 7/10

Restaurant Info:
177 River Valley Road
#01-23/24 Liang Court Shopping Centre


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