Grandpa’s Belly Review

Come on, everyone loves Western Food, from Steaks, Ribs, Fish and Chips, Pasta, the list goes on and on… But, the thing is, all of the dishes above can be ordered for around $10 at a coffee shop or $30 at a restaurant. Given the choice, most people (with the big meal budget) would choose to go to a restaurant because the quality and taste is better… Or is it? Grandpa’s Belly at a Jalan Besar coffeeshop doesn’t think so…


Grandpa’s Belly is a little Western food stall in a coffeeshop that has received rather good reviews in recent weeks… Thus, my foodie family decided to try it out, especially since they have a pulled pork sandwich, which my Dad LOVES so much!

But, rather surprisingly, when we went there on a Saturday at lunchtime, there was no queue! The chefs were sitting down and had nothing to do… I was rather surprised, and happy at the same time since we didn’t have to wait too long for our food.


They have a small menu, consisting of classic western dishes, burgers, sandwiches, Duck Confit (which was surprising and definitely enticing to this French food lover)… When you order your food, you will receive this buzzer that will tell you when your food is ready for collection…



This is the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10.00) with a side of salad and fries. Now, the bread itself was slightly soggy, but the pork was tender but it really stuck together due to the sticky sweet-sour sauce. That made the pulled pork seem less tender.

The fries were nice, they were crispy and dusted in this slightly spicy seasoning with a little bit of cayenne.


This is the Duck Confit ($12.00) with couscous and a balsamic reduction. Now firstly, $12 for a regular-sized duck confit??? That is an amazing deal, especially when most Duck confit, even at stalls in coffeeshops cost over $15.

The Duck Confit was amazingly tender and it fell off the bone. The skin was nice and crispy, and the couscous underneath were al-dente and it had raisins in it for a little bit of sweetness. The balsamic reduction sauce was slightly sweet and sour, and it managed to cut off the richness of the Duck Confit.


This is the Pumpkin Salted Egg Fries ($7.00). Absolutely delicious! The fries were coated in that spicy seasoning… And topped with a sauce of pumpkin and salted egg yolk. It was slightly salty, but it was still an amazing compliment to the fries.

I also tried the Carrot Soup ($3.00) served in a small cup like the fries above. Creamy and sweet, but lacking in that carrot flavour in my mind.

In conclusion, Grandpa’s Belly has definitely showed me that western food at coffeeshops can be both cheap, delicious and of good quality! I urge all of you to visit the stall and give them some business because it would be YOUR loss if you don’t…

Overall Rating:8/10

Stall Info:
Grandpa’s Belly
100 Tyrwhitt Road
Broadway Food Centre
Jalan Besar Stadium


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