Craftsmen Specialty Coffee Review

(Written by Elinor)

If you live in the east and your craving for a slice of heaven and sip of paradise, this is the place for you! Craftsmen brews good quality coffee and serves some delicious cakes and waffles too.

I’ve been to their Eastwood outlet a few times now, and whenever I’m there, I keep ordering this one drink; Vanilla Latte. As the name suggests, it is a vanilla flavoured latte. You get real vanilla bean in the drink and not just vanilla essence or any fake or artificial vanilla flavourings. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you order a cup of this and before having a sip, lift up your cup and take a look beneath. I garuntee you will see the specks of vanilla seeds. I love this latte as it has good balance of bitterness and sweetness. The bitterness of the coffee will first hit you and then you will taste the sweetness from the vanilla.

(Coffees are priced between $4-6)
I forgot to mention that they also place a tiny bar of chocolate at the side of some of their coffee. When I have my latte, I would use the chocolate as a vehicle to deliver that top layer of milk foam to my mouth.


Craftsmen have a different menu of cakes everyday, so for me to recommend any cake would be hard. They do have waffles on their menu everyday though. Their Gula Melaka Waffles are not too bad. Ok I will admit they are not the best in the country. But I guess it is better to have a pretty decent still tasty plate of waffle than not to satisfy your cravings for them.
The waffle is slightly crispy on the outside but a little cakey inside. However, it tastes good with the ice cream, berries and Gula Melaka sauce on the side. Just imagine the warm waffle and cool ice cream with the acidity from the berries and sticky sweetness from the sauce, and you are enjoying it while listening to some music played in the background.


All in all, this place serves good quality coffee and desserts. Service there is also nice with a greeting the moment you step inside and a rustic feel with the ‘woody’ walls and stools. So if you live in the East or happen to be in the East Coast area and in the mood of having some coffee and sweet treats, give Craftsmen Specialty Coffee a try!

Service rating: 8/10
Food rating: 7/10

Outlet information:
Craftsmen Specialty Coffee @ Eastwood Centre
20 Eastwood Road

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee @ Siglap V
2 First Street


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