Fatty Cheong (肥仔详) Review

From all the reviews I have done so far, a lot of you might think I always eat at Restaurants… Many of my friends have pointed that out to me several times. But, that is REALLY not true… I am willing to say that only 1 of 5 meals I eat outside are Restaurant food, the rest are just made up of Hawker Food. Just for the record, I have never done a Hawker Food Review yet. Why, you ask?

This is mainly because I am slightly selfish, but I don’t want to share my favourite hawker food, and have longer lines at the stall… But due to some pressure from my lazy sister (who is also a Correspondent here, the Zhi Char one), I am about to share with you a stall… one that me and my family, including the famous Foodie, Dr. Leslie Tay claim is the best Roast Meat stall in Singapore. In Bukit Merah ABC Brickworks Food Centre, Fatty Cheong!


As you can see from the picture, I went at lunchtime on a Saturday Afternoon, and there was a long queue, which means is good right? It opens at 11am to 8.30pm everyday except Thursday. Their specialities here include Roast Duck, Roast Pork, Char Siew and Wanton Noodle… I believe only Singaporean readers will understand what all of them mean haha!


Now, like any Roast Meat stall, you can order individual plates… But if you come in a large group, you can order big plates of Roast meat and plates pf rice to share… Which is better if your family are big eaters of Roast Meat like mine.

Anyway, above is the Roast Duck ($6.00) which is the minimum for a sharing plate. Now, many Roast Duck I had at other stalls tend to have soggy, oily duck and tough meat. But at Fatty Cheong’s, the duck was quite tender, but it takes a bit of effort, as always to remove the attached bones and the Skin was nice and crispy.


Now, here is the main star, the Char Siew ($25.00). Now, you may be able to see a few blackened pieces of meat there, and whether it can be labelled ‘burnt’ or ‘caramelised’ is highly subjective… But, it was both sweet, tough and charred at the same time. But, moving on to the normal pieces, the Char Siew was extremely Fatty and Succulent! It wasn’t exactly melt in your mouth, but the flavour of caramel and a slight smokiness makes you just want to keep going for more pieces! (Evidence? It was mainly 4 people who finished the plate, with 2 nibblers)


The rice ($0.30 per plate) was good, not overcooked and mushy, but the gravy could be better, it was lacking sweetness and thickness… And that’s why many people opted for just black sauce drizzled on the rice… Also, at $0.30 a plate, I can say that this is a very cheap plate of rice by Singapore’s standards!

In conclusion, I have just given away one of my favourite spots for hawker food, but good things have to be shared right haha! The Roast Meat I have tasted there wasn’t perfect, but it was super close to the amazing ones I have tasted in the Hong Kong Restaurants… So, if you are ever in the mood for Roast Meat, trust me, it is worth a trip down to Bukit Merah to pay Fatty Cheong a visit!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Hawker Store Info:
Fatty Cheong (肥仔详)
ABC Brickworks Food Centre
6 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-120


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