Everything With Fries Quick Review

(Written by Esh)

Recently went for a BMT meet up with my bunkmates and we decided to try this place, Everything With Fries. I have eaten at this place before, actually more than once. Introduced by my best friend in Polytechnic, it has been a regular haunt. However, recently there has been a revamp in the menu and food options. So I haven’t tried it since then.


For this meal I chose to go with the Bacon and egg burger with garlic fries and Coke (my one true addiction). In short it was a good burger and the fries were amazing. As quoted by my bunkmate, ‘wah good eh, you better not take’. They were just that good. The fries were cooked perfectly, not too soft nor too crunchy. With the choice of flavour powder it was amazing. Although the powder could have been better mixed, it was still good.

As for the burger, it was simple, just egg omelette, bacon, what seems to be hollandaise sauce(really can’t tell but it was nice!) and lettuce. It was a good breakfast burger, simple and hearty. The sauce was more than enough to keep the whole burger nice and moist. The egg was perfectly cooked, soft and no burns. The bacon was nice crispy and salty! Added a nice contrast to the soft and blend taste of the egg. The contrast of the two elements made it a nice balance. The lettuce is nice and fresh and had a good crunch. Not too many negatives to this meal all under $12. such a good deal. Would recommend this place in a heartbeat. EWF definitely has amazing burgers for less than $15.

Well made and great taste
Amazing fries

Not enough seats
Takes a little bit of time for the burgers to be made (abt 10-15mins)

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Everything With Fries
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central

Holland Village
40, Lorong Mambong

Website: http://www.everythingwithfries.com/


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