Ramen Santouka Review

Ramen, it is one of my favourite dishes to eat during my frequent trips to Japan, but whenever I go out to eat at one of the many Ramen Restaurants in Singapore, I tend to be slightly disappointed… As it just never managed to taste as delicious as the ones in Japan. Nevertheless, I have decided to start a never-ending quest to find the best Ramen in Singapore in January, and I have yet to taste one that has blown my mind… So, I shall move on to the next Ramen Restaurant, this one is located in Central Mall, and it is called Ramen Santouka!


Ramen Santouka is one of the very few Ramen Restaurants in Singapore which specialises in Hokkaido-Style Ramen, which is usually more heartier than the Tokyo-Style Ramen, which really appeals to me!


The decorations and layout is very typical of a typical Ramen Restaurant in Japan, small and squeezy with wooden benches and a small open kitchen in the back.



Their menu consists of simple but hearty Japanese fare, Ramen and little rice bowls with plenty of side dishes and appetiser like Gyoza. They also offer their Ramen with 4 different types of broths, Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Kara-Miso, which is spicy. Prices are definitely on the steeper side, but if you have a JCB Credit Card, until the end of the year, they are offering a 1 for 1 promotion on the Ramen!


This is their Speciality, the Toro Niku Ramen with pieces of Iberico Pork Collar ($22.00 for Medium). Now, this one has the Miso Broth, which I thought was packed full of Miso flavour but it was slightly too thin and salty. The Noodles are nice and al-dente, not too mushy… But the real star were the thin slices of Pork Collar! Amazingly tender and juicy, just dip it in the hot broth and it heats up almost instantly and just pop it in your mouth!


This is the same Ramen as the above, except this has the Shio (Salt) Broth. Once again, the broth was slightly too thin, but it did have the background flavour of a good Tonkotsu broth and is my favourite broth here!


Like I said before, they also offer Japanese Rice Bowls, so if you can’t decide on Rice or Ramen, or want to have both, you can have the Set of a Mini Ramen and a Mini Rice Bowl along with a cup of Tea and Small Salad bowl. Above is the Char-Siu Rice Set with Miso Ramen ($16.50 for Small). Same comments for the Ramen, but the Char-Siu Rice Bowl is a bit of a disappointment. The Char-Siu was slightly too chewy was definitely lacking a sauce to bring the Rice and Char-Siu together.


This is the Same Set, except with Curry Rice ($15.50 for Small). The Curry was too sweet and lacking spiciness and the Salad had way tok much dressing on it, which pretty much killed the Vegetables in it!

In conclusion, Santouka didn’t exactly impress me with their Ramen, but I did think it was of decent quality and I really loved the Pork Collar Ramen… But it was rather expensive for a Bowl of Ramen by Singapore’s standard… But, considering the food choices in Central, it is a decent choice for your lunch/dinner (Especially if you are in the mood of Japanese food, but you are too lazy to go to Liang Court just down the Singapore River…).

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-76 The Central


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