Monster Curry Review

Japanese Food, it is like of my Favourite cuisine to eat, and is pretty much always on the back of my mind. Japanese Cuisine has many different styles of food, Soba, Ramen, Teppanyaki, Sushi, Sashimi… And of course, Curry Rice!!!


Now, Curry Rice in Singapore is definitely starting to gain popularity, and like any other popular dish, everyone has a different opinion on whose is best. I honestly, can’t really tell you which Curry Rice in Singapore is best, as I haven’t tried many Curry Rice Restaurants yet. But, once Restaurant I am always happy to visit is Monster Curry at Ion Orchard!



Monster Curry is located at the Basement of Ion Orchard, very close to the Food Court. There will be a display of Curry Rice and a menu shown on a screen where customers can choose their choice of Protein, Spiciness of Curry (Level 0-5) and any additional add-ons. The waiter at the counter will take your order and take payment, before directing you to a vacant table.


We shall start with the classic order, the Pork Katsu Curry ($13.00 with Level 1 Spiciness). Served in a RIDICULOUSLY large plate, the Curry was served below a stack of Rice and a generously sized Pork Katsu. Now, for those who cant really take spice… I recommend not going above Level 1, because it was quite spicy! I would recommend removing the chilli sauce drizzled on the curry…

Despite that, the curry had good flavour and wasn’t too dilute, the Rice wasn’t mushy, but the Pork Katsu was crispy and slightly dry, lacking the juiciness i look for in a Pork Katsu. The cabbage by the side wasn’t chilled and slightly soggy, and I think they should give more of the pickled Ginger…



I believe I have frankly, described Monster Curry’s Curry Rice in General… But, I sampled two other versions. Above, is the Pork Katsu with Cheese ($14.00). The cheese did give the dish some saltiness, and the cheese did cut down on the spiciness.

Below, is the Fried Scallop Curry ($13.00) topped with Fried Fish ($4.50). Now, firstly this curry is Level 2, which in my opinion, was extremely hot! I can’t imagine Level 5! Anyway, the Scallop was still soft and juicy inside. The Fish was gigantic and soft inside… I have to say, Monster Curry executes their Seafood better than their meat… Embarrassing…

In conclusion, Monster Curry hasn’t really impressed or wowed me with the curry, especially since they didn’t execute their Pork Katsu properly… But, their curry was still quite delicious  and it was still an enjoyable meal, and if you are in Orchard looking for Curry Rice… This place is worth a try!

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Monster Curry
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-52 ION Orchard

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