Jing Long Seafood Review

Nowadays, there is a new trend of restaurant locations… Many well-known restaurants choose not to open in central locations as the rent tends to be a bit steep, and are choosing to open in ulu places like Punggol Promenade… Specially Seafood Restaurants, like the Jing Long Seafood Restaurant!


Jing Long began at a coffeshop in Bedok, and decided to open another branch after booming business… And I am guessing opening at Punggol Settlement, right next to the beach is an interesting move, in keeping with the Seafood Theme. They aren’t the only ones there… I took a stroll around the area and saw a lot of different restaurants, cafes and bars… Even a Giant Supermarket!


Their table, decoration, ambience and menu is very typical of the classic Chinese Seafood Restaurant… So, I am not going to bore you with all the details and let’s get straight to the food, shall we???


To start off, this is one of the multiple signature dishes here, the Fried Rice with Crab Meat ($18.00 for Medium). The Rice itself was properly cooked, non-mushy. It is also Extremely flavourful with different ingredients like Long Beans, Anchovies, Egg and the Crab Meat bringing different textures to the Fried Rice, something many other Restaurant fail at tremendously.


Now, one of the best dishes of the night, the Fried Beancurd with Crispy Salted Pickles ($20.00 for Medium). Extremely flavourful, the Beancurd had a crispy texture on the outside, while the inside remained soft! The sauce was thick but slightly too sweet, and the Salted Pickles gives it a saltiness that brought the whole dish together. I took multiple portions and dumped it on top from the Fried Rice, haha!


Now, this is the Mee Goreng ($18.00 for Medium). Now, I had always had a fundamental problem with this dish… Which is this is traditionally, a Malay Dish… And the Chinese version tends to do it injustice. But luckily, this version wasn’t too bad with plenty of seafood like Prawns and Scallops. Unfortunately, the dish as a whole, was too spicy and it killed the overall sweetness of the Seafood….


Now, this is an unusual interesting dish, the Crispy Eggplant with Long Beans ($21.00 for Medium). The Long Beans weren’t overcooked and was still crunchy, so that’s good. But, I think the Fried Eggplant was a bit sacrificial, I mean, it was crispy and ok… But, you could have fried any other vegetable and it would have almost tasted the same…


The second-final dish before I move on to the Crabs, the Baby Kai Lan ($15.00 for Medium). It was ok, tasted like any other Stir-Fried Kai Lan in Chinese Restaurants, the sauce was too sweet though.


The final dish before the Crabs, the Crispy Duck ($48.00 for Big). I know, it isn’t the photogenic dish in the world, but unfortunately the Duck was carved before I had the chance to snap a picture of it… Anyway, the Duck was as predicted, slightly dry. I mean, the dark meat closer to the bone was juicy, but the Breast Meat in particular, was extremely dry…

Now, I shall move on to the Highlights of the night… The Crabs!!! By the way, like most restaurants, the Crabs are Market Price… But, on review, the 3 Crabs equated to $179.80. Oh, by the way, for all you Crab Connoisseur, you can specify what gender of Crab you want… Depending on your preferences!


The best Crab of the night, the Salted Egg Crab! One thing I really liked about this Crab, is that the Salted Egg did not overpower the natural sweetness of the crabs, unlike the other 2 dishes coming up. The Salted Egg coating manages to near-perfectly ride between Sweet and Salty, which frankly… Is a triumph by itself!!!



Ranked 2nd, the classic Singaporean Dish, Chilli Crab! Now, this is odd that we claim that this is one of our must-try national dishes, and yet, many restaurants fail to execute it properly. The classic Mantou (Buns) ($18.00 for 18) was served hot, and meant to dip into the Chilli Crab Sauce. Unfortunately, the sauce itself wasn’t thick and spicy enough, it was plainly too sweet…


This is the Crab Dish ranked lowest disappointingly, the Black Pepper Crab. The Sauce… Once again, is the failing point of the dish… WAY TOO SPICY! Just because the dish is called Black Pepper Crab, doesn’t mean add so much pepper until your mouth is numb… And then you can’t taste the Crab.

In conclusion, Jing Long is definitely, just a sometimes hit-and-miss Chinese Seafood Restaurant. The food definitely could be better, but judging by the huge crowds during dinnertime, it is popular among locals… and if they improve on their sauces for the Crab dishes especially, they can definitely give restaurants like Long House a run for their money… But until then… That’s all I can say about them now…

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Jing Long Seafood Restaurant
3 Punggol Point Road
The Punggol Settlement #01-03/04/05 S828694


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