Fish & Co. Review

We all have our comfort food, aka ‘guilty pleasures for our taste buds’. Many are akin to Local Delicacies, some to desserts, but more often than not, they are rather unhealthy and you shouldn’t eat it so often. Call me an ‘Ang Moh’ if you must, because one of my all time favourite comfort food is the all-mighty… Fish and Chips!


Now, in Singapore, they aren’t a lot of places where you can find Fish and Chips which are both cheap and good. But, at Fish & Co, they have this absolutely fabulous deal for students (Read more   here!) of their regular size Fish and Chips or a selected main of like, pasta and a drink for just $10!!!


Here at Fish & Co, the atmosphere is rather fun and upbeat… with the open kitchen, the fish-shaped wooden mats and Fish and Chips in the pan. You even just place your order from the Ipad given to you, so modern right?


Now, they also offer quite a few add-ons like Speciality Drinks, Soup of the day and Buffalo Wings for about $3.50 each, but I feel that the add-ons are unnecessary, as the portion of the Fish and Chips are already quite big… Also, the add-ons will make your meal a lot more expensive, and students on a budget will feel the pinch… So, just stick to the main and drink, ok?

Now, the Fish and Chips do take a while to be served, as I discovered that they are all fried to order and the Chips are served hot! Now, that is good quality control and it shows Fish & Co does respect their ingredients and customers enough not to serve them cold, soggy pre-fried Fish!


Now, the first Fish and Chips ordered is one of their specialities here, the Best Fish and Chips! Served with Lemon and Tartar Sauce, the Fish was smothered in a butter cream sauce and was smoking hot! I nearly burnt my mouth, so caution! Anyway, the fish was properly cooked and still soft and moist on the inside, and the batter was nice and crispy on the outside. Served with Fries which are hot and crispy… So much better than Macdonalds cold and soggy Fries…


Now, this is the New York Fish and Chips, stuffed with Parmesan Cheese and served with a Lemon Butter Sauce. It definitely has a more distinctive taste than the unadulterated Best Fish and Chips, but more those of you who really like Cheese should consider ordering it.

Both Fish and Chips are good, of which I highly recommend you sample, alongside with the Arctic and Singapore Fish and Chips.

In conclusion, Fish & Co does serve rather nice Fish and Chips, and I am pretty sure they are way better ones out there… But, when you find one that is better than Fish & Co’s and cost just $10 for students, let me know… Although that is near impossible to find… Haha!

Overall Rating:7/10

Restaurant Info:
Fish & Co
10 Tampines Central 1
#04-11 Tampines 1


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