Bangkok Restaurant Review Part 2: Dosa King Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

(Written By Esh)

Thailand food review part 2: Dosa King – Vegetarian Indian food in Thailand?


In a little hidden corner, between two stores, you will see this little hidden treasure in all the business of Sukhumvit. The big red sign is the only welcoming sign you can see from the main street.  And as the sign said, this place is our vegetarian. Due to family customs, every tuesday is veggie day, is was a huge necessity to find a good vegetarian place to eat at. That day we had vegetarian food at two places, but in my opinion this is the better of the two.


Once you step in you will have to walk through a narrow walkway to the restaurant itself. This hallway is well lit. You will actually be entering from the back of the restaurant. Once in, you will be surprised by how amazing this place looks. It almost looks like a proper Indian restaurant. Nothing like the dirty, small street you just came from.


Now on to the food!



I basically went crazy. Basically most of dishes revolved around ‘Paneer’  or a kind of Indian Cheese that has the texture and taste similar to Tofu. I decided to try the Paneer Tikka and Paneer Bhurji and Bhindi do Piaza.


Paneer Tikka is the cheese prepared in tandoori style, skewered and cooked in a clay oven. As for the Paneer Bhurji, it seems to be prepared scrambled egg style, with chilis and onions. Both were very different.


The Tikka was a solid piece, charred with a smokey and has a mellow taste with a consistent, soft texture. While the bhurji was very soft and moist, spicy and full of crunch from the diced onions bits. Both were amazing and mouth wateringly good. And it was a hearty serving, which I could have just put it in a doggy-bag for Takeaway. There was too much, such a waste!

In my opinion both were equally good. Of course the usual rice, sambar and drinks were ordered. But these two really stood out. As someone who loves meat (except beef for obvious reasons), tofu and paneer are the closest alternatives for my vegetarian days. And just how well prepared these two dishes were, really stood out to me. To all my meat eating readers, you should give these a shot if you ever have a chance, may not even be in the same restaurant. It will truly be amazing.

Editor’s Note: By writer’s wish, no overall rating shall be published.

Restaurant Info:
Dosa King Indian Vegetarian Restaurant
153/7 Sukhumvit road Street 11/1
Soi 11 Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Writer’s End Note: That’s the end of my Thailand restaurant reviews. We also ate the tiger zoo buffet, but unfortunate no pics, so not much of a review possible there. However, I can say that the food was amazing with a good variety, my lil bro even got his fish and chips. So that would be it for my Thailand Food Stuff. Bye!

Editor’s End Note: That would be the last Travel-related food review done for quite a while. Here at Thecrazydonny, we understand that more Travel-related posts should be done alongside the traditional Singapore Restaurant Reviews. If you would just bear with us, we are currently trying to work out a system to accommodate and publish more Travel-related items. Meanwhile, we will still work hard to bring you our speciality,local Restaurant Reviews!

Thanks, Thecrazydonny


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