Soup Restaurant Review

If you ask… Pretty much any nation-loving Singaporean what is their favourite national dish… They would say Chicken Rice. For those of you who don’t know, Chicken Rice is a plate of Hainanese Style Steamed, Boiled or Roasted Chicken and Chicken-Flavoured Rice. But, there is a very special Chinese Chain Restaurant in Singapore that serves a Steamed Chicken with Ginger dish called… Samsui Ginger Chicken!


The Soup Restaurant is well known in Singapore, and despite the numerous branches across Singapore, there is almost always a line during Dinnertime. The Layout in there is actually, very traditionally Chinese, with wooden benches and glass tabletops.


Now, let us get straight to the main dish of the evening, the Samsui Ginger Chicken ($32.90 for Large)! Now, this was a dish that the Samsui Women in Chinatown would consume only once a year during Chinese New Year since Meat was hard to come by. Served with a Ginger Sauce and Lettuce Wraps, the proper way of eating it would be to dip a piece of Chicken in the Ginger and wrap it in the Lettuce Cup. The Chicken itself, was extremely lustre and tender and the Ginger sauce was slightly sweet but not overpowering the Chicken. Definitely, One of the better Chicken Dishes you can find in Singapore… But one bit of criticism would be that the Skin was extremely fatty and slightly oily.


This is the Boiled Soup of the Day, the Pork and Lotus Root Soup ($6.50 for Small). Now, being Chinese, I do have high expectations with Chinese Style Soup, and this rather surpassed my expectations. With a background taste of Dried Octopus and Mushrooms, the Soup had body and a slight smoky flavour. The Pork was extremely tender, but unfortunately, the Lotus Root wasn’t tender enough and had too much of a bite.


An essential dish to order at any Chinese Restaurant, the Steamed Minced Pork with Water Chestnut ($9.90). Best eaten with rice, the Pork was nice and tender, which can only be achieved if sufficient fats have been mixed in to keep it moist. So, clearly not a healthy dish, but as long as it is delicious! The Water Chestnut gave the Pork a little crunch and sweetness.


A Vegetable Dish found almost in every Chinese Restaurant, the Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves ($8.90 for Small). A slight disappointment, it had been stir fried with belachan, but it was more sweet than spicy… And the greens were overcooked…


This is the Hometown Fried Fish Belly ($12.90). Slightly Overcooked and sweet, but the Spring Onion managed to cut through the fishy taste you get from the Belly of the Fish.


Finally, this is the Earthen Bowl Tofu ($7.50). Basically, it is Tofu, fried and then braised with Cabbage and Spring Onions. One thing nice about this Tofu is that it was Fried first, so the inside of the Tofu was still soft, and didn’t fall apart on your chopsticks.

In conclusion, I can clearly see why the Soup Restaurant is so popular among Singaporeans. Home style comfort food from mainland China we are all familiar with, and of course the delicious Samsui Ginger Chicken that can pretty much… Take on the best the proper Chicken Rice Stalls in Singapore has to offer!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
Soup Restaurant
101 Thomson Road
#B1-10 United Square


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