(Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant Review

Everyone loves fish, we all know that! The most well known way of cooking fish in Chinese culture is of course, Steaming. But, there is a very interesting style adopted by VERY FEW Zi Char restaurants nowadays, where they Deep Fry the fish and top it with Fried Belachan (Dried Chilli). A very controversial style of cooking, as many Chinese Chefs don’t believe in deep frying a fresh fish, its blasphemy, as some people call it. Anyway, one of these ‘blasphemy restaurant’ I visited is called Lai Huat Seafood!


They offer three types of Fish, the Sole Fish, the Garoupa, and the Black Promfet. This is the Promfet (Market Price, but $38.00 upon Visit). The Belachan was definitely spicy and oily, but it complimented the sweet and crispy flesh of the Promfet!


This is the Sole Fish (Market Price, but $30.00 upon visit). The Belachan was the same, but I definitely enjoyed the sweeter flesh of the Promfet, also it was slightly drier than the Promfet.


This is the Stewed Duck Soup ($8.00). It was slightly too salty, and the Duck was stringy and overcooked. But, the Soup was on the whole, tasty.


This is the Fried Beancurd ($8.00). The outside coating of the Beancurd was crispy, but not sufficiently as it did get soggy after a while. It also came with a sweet chilli sauce which compliments the Beancurd quite nicely.


This is the Mee Goreng ($4.00). This definitely could be consider a Chinese style Mee Goreng. It was good though, sweet and slightly spicy with Prawns and Chye Sim.


This is the Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaf ($12.00). Normally, this is Stir Fried with Belachan, but since we already have 2 Belechan Fish, we decided to not have it spicy. Plenty of Garlic, and the Vegetable was slightly overcooked.

In conclusion, I woke up the next morning with a slight Sore Throat and the Runs actually… Haha! So, do not scoop up the excess Belachan on the fish! However, this Restaurant doesn’t have the best Zhi Char dishes though,  but overall, this is still a nice treat to have once in a while!!!

Overall Rating: 7/10

Restaurant Info:
(Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant
223 Rangoon Road


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