Soup Stock Tokyo Quick Review

(Written By Esh)

Right out of the train station, you will see it. Black and white and right in the middle of the floor. You can miss it. With the wooden theme and furniture, amidst the crowd, is little gem for soup lovers.

Here, the store concept is pretty similar to soup spoon, except the choices are have an Asian flare. From kimchi soup from korea to Japanese style minestrone soup. They also have a good selection of soups and even irresistible combos for people sharing a meal. If you visit the store with a friend, you can get 3 different small size bowls of soup, 2 choices of carbs, bread or rice, and two drinks, all for $16.80!


On this occasion we got the kimchi soup, Japanese minestrone and pork & tomato stroganoff. Well to keep it simple, it isn’t for everyone. Personally I enjoyed the soups a lot. All soups had a tinge of sourness to them that made them interesting. The kimchi wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be and the minestrone had a good flavor, from the blend of chicken and vegetables. The  pork and tomato stroganoff was interesting as it was a little sour yet a peppery which different from the other two. All this sour stuff made my friend cringe a little, he didn’t really enjoy it as much as I did.

We both took bread instead of rice. The bread was a redeeming factor for him and for me is was amazing addition. The bread was nice and warm. The crumbs were really soft and fluffy. The crust was nice and tough which added a little texture to the bread. When dipped in the soups, the bread absorbed the soup really well. The bread itself didn’t have much taste, wasn’t sweet nor buttery. But when dipped in the soup, it helped compliment well, making the soup the main focus. No change to the taste or flavor.

The drinks we got in the combo were pretty meh. Weren’t great nor distinguishably bad. I got an ice tea (remember to add sugar as it is served as just pure tea and water) and he got an apple juice. The tea was good after I added sugar, but the apple juice was a little bad, seemed a little old. But hey I came here for soups not juices so it did not ruin the experience.

Overall, it was interesting. Got to try soups I have never tried before. With a good serving of tea and bread I really enjoyed it. They have many other good offers and meals, one with two soups in the course rather than just one. They also serve curry rice and porridges as well. So if you love soup and have a friend tagging along, why not give Soup Stock Tokyo a shot!!!

Overall Rating : 8/10

Restaurant Info:
Soup Stock Tokyo
313 Orchard Road, #B-14 & B2-53/53A, S238895  

Soup Stock Tokyo
100 Tras Street


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