Symmetry Cafe Review

Regular readers of Thecrazydonny would know I do very little cafe reviews, mostly restaurants. Why you ask? Because I personally used to think that Cafes have terrible food and coffee and is full of hipsters. But, if you keep in touch of all this new hipster cafes popping up around town, this is hardly the case anymore (apart from the crazy number of hipsters) with the food and coffee. One very good (and expensive) example would be Symmetry.


The Symmetry Cafe is not only a cafe that serves brunch and coffee, and they do have a wide array of alcoholic drinks and an extensive lunch and dinner menu. Situated next to Victoria Street, it is hardly inaccessible, and the decoration is extremely hipster, Pop Art, Wooden fixture and fittings and metal benches for seats. Now, a year ago, I would cringe at the settings of Symmetry, but I am starting to like it… (Am I considered a hipster now? I hope not…)



The Menu and an example of the decoration at Symmetry. Oh by the way, they have an interesting sink in the restroom. It is where you have to operate a pedal on the ground to on the tap… It took me a while to figure out, so I am just sharing some information, after all… It is my job!


Now, the cold water they serve here is not just plain tap water, this is a hipster cafe, and thus their water is infused with Thyme, Cucumber and Sweet Basil. In my opinion, I could only taste the Cucumber that brings freshness to the water…


Now, this is their Homemade Iced Tea ($12.00) with Mint and Passionfruit. I know, it is an expensive drink, and it was a little sour. But, the passionfruit does give the Iced Tea a tangy flavour paired with the freshness of the mint.


An essential drink to order in a cafe to gauge the cafe’s capabilities and Barista Skills, a cuppa Joe (aka. Coffee). This is their Mocha ($5.50) served with a Gingerbread Man Cookie. Now, I know it is a little lame but, I tend to be impressed by Coffee Art, and this was no exception. The Mocha wasn’t too sweet, but was leaning to be more bitter. Wasn’t too Tannic, but slightly too thick, or ‘Gao’ for a Mocha.


Now, this is the Smoked Turkey Ham and Cheese Croquette ($16.00) to start off. The filling was slightly too wet, and the sauce that was on the side threw me for a loop. I guessed it was a berry or some kind of acidic tangy fruit infused cream. Nevertheless, I didn’t really like it…


My favourite dish here, the Pot Roast Smoked Ham Hock ($24.00). It was served on a hot plate, with an egg cooked at an low temperature (which continued cooking on the hot plate, causing the yolk to be only half-runny), Beans, Sausages, Pancetta and Carrots with an Artisanal Toast. One of the best Combos I have ever tasted, and a must-order here!!!


Now, this is Charred Miso and Ginger marinated Mackerel ($22.00). The Mackerel was nicely cooked, but lacking in the Miso and Ginger flavour unfortunately.


Another Signature Dish here, the Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat ($24.00) with Mixed Pork Sausages, Tomato Coulis, Bell Peppers and the same eggs as the Ham Hock. A Great and delicious combo, but I definitely preferred the Ham Hock to the Pork Sausages.


Finally, this is the Truffled Egg Mushroom ($21.00) with Mushrooms and Scrambled Egg. The Mushrooms were a medley of Straw, Shittake and Button, and there was a Truffle Salsa, and you could just smell the Truffle aroma from across the table. But, the Scrambled Eggs could have been creamier, and the Hashbrown on the side… Looked and tasted suspiciously like Frozen Hashbrowns.

In conclusion, my opinion and prejudices of Hipster Cafes has definitely been demolished by the Symmetry Cafe. I know, prices are steep and the Music they play aren’t that good… But, the Food and Coffee are Great… And as with any good cafe… the waitresses there are quite pretty and cute, haha! Anyway, I would definitely recommend this cafe if you are in the area for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner or even late night drinks!

Overall Rating:8/10

Restaurant Info:
Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor #01-01


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