Bangkok Restaurant Review Part 1: Rosabieng Restaurant

(Written by Esh)

Foodie’s trip to Thailand Part 1: home away from home!


About two weeks ago, my family and I took a little trip to Thailand. Of course I had to take note of a few notable places to eat. For this post I am not going to talk about good places to get Thai food… I mean this is Thailand. Literally went to nature reserve and still got really good, local food. So that is not what I was looking for. Instead I focus on restaurants that skewed away from the norm, those that served food that was not native to their own. For this post there are two restaurants I want to talk about. Rosabieng and Dosaking.

I am going to start off with Rosabieng for this part. It was a home away from home, literally. In what could have easily passed off as a landed property here in SG sits an interesting offering in the middle of Sukhumvit.


(Photo from

In front of this 3 story ‘home’ lies an outdoor bar which is a dead giveaway it’s a restaurant. To get in you walk up their driveway and enter from the front door or the side entrance. Once in, you either settle at the bottom floor, with the toy train display, or you climb up a flight of stairs to the second, more quiet floor.


The restaurant has a literally household/train obsession kind of theme. There are train everywhere be it toy displays or a giant, glass enclosed train track display. The seats are similar to those found in house dining tables and sofas I would not be surprised to see at a neighborhood furniture store.


Once settled a menu is handed to you and realize why it’s truly a home away from home. Besides the usual Thai dishes you would be surprised to see very local, Singaporean (Chinese) dishes in there.



From sweet and sour pork to roast duck to even dried chili cashew chicken. We even managed to get Chinese styled steam fish for my dad who is on a pretty strict diet. They even have a fusion Thai and Chinese dishes which may seem odd at first, but once you try the roasted duck red curry, you would wonder why you ever doubted it. The curry itself is a little sweet and spicy. The char siew is nice and well cooked. The odd sweetness of the curry helped complimented the barbeque style taste the roasted duck had. The dish itself had a unique take on a fusion style curry and was really something I have never tasted before (even had pineapples in them!). The next notable dish was the sweet and sour pork itself. Now you might be wonder why of all things such a basic dish… well it because of how strikingly similar its tasted to what you could get here in SG.

My lil bro is very fussy when it comes to food and what he will eat. And one of his preferred dishes is sweet and sour pork. The fact he was wolfing it down meant not only was it good but it was familiar enough for him not to hesitate eating it. Basically at this restaurant you either aim for the fusion dishes or order local (repeat again, Chinese!) dishes you may be craving for at that point in the trip. Same can be said about the dried chili, cashew chicken. Almost as if it was air flown from Singapore. It was just too familiar.


As for drinks I decided to try their ice milo (completely in line with the whole SG dishes thing). But this was an entirely pleasant surprise. The milo did not taste like milo. In fact it tasted like ice dark chocolate. It was by the best ice chocolate I have had. It was a little sweet, a little creamy and smooth with a nice hint of bitterness. It was so good I had two glasses of it! (lil bro didn’t like his as it didn’t taste the same).


When it came to dessert, my bro and I decided to go for something a bit more fruity. We close to take the crepe with orange cream and with sliced apples and vanilla ice cream. In my opinion the apple and orange cream did not go well together. However the orange cream, crepe and ice cream really work well together. The occasional crunch that came from the nuts were nice to help create some variation is texture since the orange sauce and ice cream kept every nice and soft. The ice cream was a rich vanilla ice cream and the crepe was perfectly cooked with almost no burns and cooked through and through. If the desert has the apples removed, in my opinion would have been perfect. But I feel that is down to personal preference (not the biggest fan of fruits :p).

In the end, it was a surprising yet comforting meal with new, interesting dishes and good old favourites from back in SG. In the end we forked out $1,755 baht, which is about SGD70 for 6 people to have a full 3 course meal. I would say that is a really good deal. Would definitely recommend anyone visiting Bangkok to give this place a shot! Easy on the wallet and serves dishes, that at least for me, reminds me of SG!

Overall Rating:9/10

Restaurant Info:
Rosabieng Restaurant
3 Sukhumvit Soi 11
Bangkok 10110


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