Overeasy Bar and Diner Quick Review

(Written By Esh)

This will be a very quick review of my experience at Overeasy. One of the best places to get drinks even if you don’t necessarily like alcohol.  As a person who doesn’t have the best nor most entertaining track record with alcohol, I can definitely say I can get the ‘buzz’ from alcohol here without ever noticing I am drinking alcohol.


As a frequent patron, I can testify to the almost high standard service you can get here. This time around, I decided try something besides my usual, so I asked the bartender/cashier what she would recommend for a drink. She suggested to get the Spiked Milkshake shake. It was basically vanilla ice cream, oreo crumbs and rum.


All I can say is, besides the slight aftertaste of the rum, it tastes like any good ol’ milkshake. It creamy and you taste mostly the vanilla icecream and the occasional crunch from the oreo to remind how sinful it is. It is just a nice balance of sweet to cover the rum taste. However you will still feel the slight dryness and bitter-alcohol after taste. All in all, it is an amazing, almost unbelievably good combination.

The best of all, this is not the only drink they have which taste alcohol free. They have a good selection of cocktails, all you need to do is ask for a recommendation. That simple! And if you ever get munchies from your drinks, they have amazing food as well.

From the delectable pastas to hearty mini sliders, you will be spoilt for choice. So if you wanna have a drink and chill by the Singapore river, why not go Overeasy?

Restaurant Info:
Overeasy Bar and Diner
1 Fullerton Road
#01-06 One Fullerton


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