Wild Honey Review

(Written By Esh)

Is Wild honey really that sweet?
This is by no means the first time I have eaten at Wild Honey. Wild honey is a restaurant that specializes in serving all day breakfast dishes. But the kicker is that all the dishes originate from different nations.

That view though!


Now when you step up to the restaurant you are greeted by a huge sign reminding you, if you have forgotten, that you are in fact in front of wild honey. You will see a wooden bar/reception. There, if there is a queue, you will be requested to key in your phone number into their iPad and it will notify you when your table is ready.


Once in, you will notice how laid back and relaxed this restaurant is. No rush, no noise, just the soft murmurs of conversations and orders being placed. Need I remind you, this review was done on weeknight. So, it wasn’t exactly empty either. As in sat into my bar stool that seemed out of a flea market and my friend settled into her comfy sofa seat, we started to look around. For one it had an amazing view out the windows. A nice view of the hustle and bustle of orchard road down below.  The next thing we noticed was how it was designed to mimic the feel of a study, the shelves that lined the wall that was filled with books and there were lamps every few tables.

The sofa seats were comfy and one might find them in their own home. The tables were classic, wooden tables. With nice silverware laid out on their own branded napkins. It felt so comfortable yet had a sense of intention, nothing was random and everything fit the other elements perfectly.  After which we focused our gaze onto the menu.
The glorious menu!


The menu is pretty straight forward, just a large sheet displaying all they have to offer. They are split up into ‘savory’ and ‘sweet’. They even included a vegetarian section for all our veggie lovers out there! So there is something can suit the taste of anyone who walks through their doors. In there you will see which country each dish comes from and what is included in that dish. Not only are the descriptions incredibly detailed. But they even provide you with an iPad which has photos of every single dish, making your already complex decision even harder. You can browse through the gallery and view the description of each photo, followed by the photo of the dish itself. You can see how each dish will come out and see if it is too your liking. 


After wrecking your brain to come to a choice, you can call a waiter over and have your order taken.

Service can be said to be impeccable. It was very swift and quick. There is always a waiter within reach, who will tend to your every need. They are more than helpful and very responsive. With a quick note in his note pad, our orders were taken with no errors and he was off to the kitchen, where the magic happens!
Unique Paris hot chocolate


This hot chocolate is one of the best I have ever tasted. But I can’t say that everyone will agree. The hot chocolate is served in a gold mug, which seems to be hand crafted with a really long handle for you to easily pour out your hot chocolate with a flick of your wrist. Once in your mug, you will notice the largest marshmallow you have ever seen. Don’t eat it! Instead dunk into your hot chocolate. It’s actually the sugar to make the chocolate sweeter. What you just poured is just pure dark chocolate. The marshmallow acts as a creamer/sweetener for your drink. The end result is a thick, rich hot chocolate with a fairly unique taste to it. It will first hit you the strength of the chocolate, followed by the sweetness of the marshmallow. It will finally leave a slightly sour after taste. Now this is where the review becomes a little split. As much as the hot chocolate is great at first, the sourness does get a little heavy after a while and ruins the drink for me. However my friend enjoys it completely. So for the Paris hot chocolate, it is sort of 50/50. You either love it or find it the most unique hot chocolate.
The main course: Scandinavian breakfast! ($28.00)


A potato rosti topped with grilled asparagus and salmon with Hollandaise sauce. This dish was great. The salmon perfectly cooked. When you slice in you can see the perfectly cooked light pink meat, peeling away in nice chunks. The hollandaise sauce perfectly matches the salmon. The asparagus was a little undercooked. But that is up to individual preference; it can be a hit or miss depending on how you like it. The rosti was a little over cooked in my opinion, having been too crunchy, it was almost like eating thinly sliced French fries. I would have preferred a little softer.  Again this truly depends on how you like your rosti. However tastes wise, with all other elements was amazing. It really came together well.
Bonus main course: Norwegian breakfast ($26.00)


Though it may seem simple, this dish had a punch of flavor as soon as you took your first bite. It is whole wheat brioche topped with avocado, asparagus, and poached eggs, wrapped in smoked salmon and topped with hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls. A true test of a well prepared poached egg is the running yolk. True enough when the egg was sliced, the yellow gold flowed out and it was a true sign of how good this dish was. When all I managed to get a good slice of everything and fit it onto a fork (not easy as this is actually a fairly big dish in real life) I finally got to taste how everything came together. It was just so smooth. The bread was nice and toasted but not rough, the asparagus had a little crunch but not too much. The avocado was fresh and creamy. The poached egg was smooth and cooked perfectly. With the runny yolk and the creamy hollandaise sauce to top it off, it was truly a burst of flavor from such a simple dish.

Wild honey is truly as sweet as it can get. With a great selection and incredible dishes (manager actually greeted us on the way and asked about our experience) and amazing customer service, it’s hard to find fault with wild honey. Though the hot chocolate may have not been to my taste, it did not ruin the overall experience. I would give it 8 giant marshmallows out of 10!

More pics from the meal




Restaurant Info:
Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Rd


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