Saveur Restaurant Review

Many people regard French food as snobbish and overpriced in Singapore, and that’s partially true… There are plenty of Expensive French Restaurants out there that overcharges just because they can, and yet their food hardly lives up to expectations…

But, there is another side to French cooking apart from the high-end French Restaurants… France is the country where many people regard was the birthplace of Cuisine itself. Also, not all French restaurants are necessarily expensive, there is one I have been dying to go to for months…

Saveur is a chain of Restaurants opened by two guys with plenty of experience working in top restaurants around the world…. And they came back to Singapore and opened a small little French bistro called Saveur at Purvis Street, looking to provide delicious French food at affordable prices, a direct rival to La Petite Cuisine if you ask me…

Currently, they are receiving rather good reviews about Saveur and they now have 4 restaurants under their belt, the restaurant I visited was their main Saveur Branch at Purvis Street.

The decoration there is simple yet elegant, with a few shelfs and an open Kitchen, with a gigantic sign of their name at the entrance, Saveur!


Now, on to the food… This is their famous Saveur Pasta ($7.90 for the bigger portion) with Chilli oil and Sakura Ebi. Something that still gets me is the question why a French Restaurant speciality is something people will consider Italian? But, I still liked it though… The pasta was flavourful and al-dente, but it was slightly too dry and clumpy. The Sakura Ebi could have been crispier too…


A must order at any French Restaurant, Foie Gras! Now, Saveur offers it two ways, one way is with Lentils and Pickled Onion, and the one ordered was with Apples and Raisins infused with Port Wine ($9.90). The Foie Gras was actually very decadent and Umami! Slightly too small though, in my mind… And the dish overall, was slightly too sweet and one-dimensional with the Port Wine… A slight acidic tang will definitely lift this dish up!


Now, this is the Duck Confit ($13.90) with mashed potatoes. I personally am a very big fan of Duck Confit, and I thought it was not too bad for under $15… The duck was tender, but the skin could definitely be crispier though… A good portion too, and the mash potatoes was a bit stiff and could be been creamier…

In conclusion, Saveur… In my mind, definitely does serve good quality French Food at great prices, especially with their 3-Course Weekday Lunch Deal of $22.90. But, in terms of flavour and the complexity that good tasting French food should have, Saveur seems to hit and miss at times… But still, I would definitely return again if I am craving for French Food if I am in the area!

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Restaurant Info:
5 Purvis Street


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